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 Boundaries for Empaths 

Stop feeling so overwhelmed in your everyday life, and start living it! 

(Get on the 2021 watilist)

 I see you bending down to pet someone's dog on a beautiful sunny day.  You look up and smile at the owner just to be friendly. 

 It's now been an hour. You now know the dogs name (George), know he has a history of gallstones and have the play-by-play of Nancy's entire life story. While you love that people like to confide in you, all you can think of now is having a nap. 

 You just got dumped on....#EmpathProblems 


Being an Empath is not something that just happens one day and it's not

something you can just turn off.

I'm sure you've heard the question, ‘Why are you are soo sensitive!?’ most of your life.


It’s not easy absorbing other people's energy, - you barely have the capacity for your own emotions sometimes. Because you are so in tune, you know intuitively what everyone needs and find yourself trying to make everybody else happy.  

But what about your needs!?

You don’t even know where to begin. It feels like everyone's feelings are yours and you can't tell them apart. The overwhelm and fatigue you feel is real and sometimes you isolate yourself from life just to cope.

 You’re tired of feeling like a deflated balloon. 


  • You want to feel empowered and excited about life again!

  • You are ready to stand your ground and speak up for what you need! 

  • You are ready to figure out what makes YOU happy! 

  • You KNOW deep down you have worth and you are ready to live that way too!

 Why can’t someone just fix you!? 


You’ve done all the yoga, likely tried another juice fast, or another supplement that you thought would give you more energy, but feel no better (or sometimes even worse!?). You’ve read all of the self-help books (or parts of them anyway) but still haven’t been able to help yourself. You’ve thought about going to a therapist, but talking about yourself just makes you feel nauseous.

Sometimes you wish there was a magic pill that could make 
all the feelings go away.

(So you scroll through social media for another hour so you don't have to feel)

It’s not easy when you are trying to ‘fix yourself’ and everyone else's emotions come in loud and clear.


Being the therapist, the listener, and the ‘fixer’ comes so easily, but end up feeling completely overwhelmed and even more lost when it comes to your own problems. You know you have to start saying ‘no’ to everyone else, but you will feel soo guilty. 


It sounds easy for someone without your level of sensitivity to simply say,

‘just set boundaries’

‘schedule some time for yourself’

or ‘just say no’.


For you, it’s not that easy - ‘What do boundaries even look like, or feel like!?’ - It's like learning to speak a foreign language. 

I’ve helped sensitive and empathic women establish practices that help them set physical and emotional boundaries - so they could 


  • leave emotional overwhelm behind

  • trust their intuition and feel empowered 

  • love themselves and their sensitivity

 Believe me, I’ve been the disempowered Empath, so I know it is possible for you to embrace

your sensitivity and speak up with confidence. 


Setting boundaries is the first step in living an empowered life. 


I’m Ashley, and I help Empaths stop taking on other peoples emotions, so they can feel less overwhelmed in their daily life and start living life with confidence. 


I spent my life being too sensitive, feeling drained by certain people or crowds and often got walked all over. I was the listener and the therapist, but it seemed nobody could see that I was hurting, and at times, I needed help. I neglected my needs and suppressed my own emotions because I never felt like I was important. At times I even felt purposeless, alone and depressed. 


It wasn’t until I began to understand the nervous system, get comfortable with a whole spectrum of emotions and do the deeper work on myself that I was able to feel like I was finally in charge of my own emotions and life.


 Boundaries for Empaths 

Stop feeling so overwhelmed,

so you can feel confident and 

step into your empathic power.

A 5 week experiential program to help you:  

  • To say yes to your needs, for space, silence and relaxation without feeling guilty

  • Get to know and honour your emotions and deepest self, so you can stand tall in who you are

  • Learn to not only speak up, but embody your confidence so others will take your boundaries seriously.

  • Trust your natural empathic instincts, so you will always know what is right for you.

  • Identify the habits that numb your emotions and dull your intuition, so you can finally embrace your inner knowing.

In our 5 week live group sessions, you’ll get

  • 1 live, hour-long sessions with me each week for 5 weeks. - $500 Value

  • Email support between sessions. - $500 Value

  • 5, 30 minute themed movement sessions to connect you back to your body - $250 Value

  • The Boundaries for Empaths journal help you process throughout the course - $125 Value 

  • A 10 minute meditation released to you each week, to deepen your intuition - $97

  • Daily inspiration and reminders to keep you connected to your purpose - $97

  • Community support in a small, private facebook group (priceless!)


Total Investment: $1569

 Your investment is only: $1197 

(if you are beta testing for me, it's free!)


Bonus! You will also receive

  • Complimentary access to my weekly Zoom classes throughout the 5 weeks - $375 Value

  • The Intuitive Eating Guide to Understanding Food and Your Emotions - $125 Value

Week by Week Schedule:


 Week 1: What’s yours!? 

Identifying what emotions belong to you and what doesn’t, is a huge challenge for Empaths. You will learn how to identify what feelings are yours, so you can say goodbye to the overwhelm.

  • Embrace your inner emotional sorting system

  • Learn breathing techniques to feel ‘inflated’ when you’ve been deflated

  • Identifying what's draining the energy in your life


 Week 2: Unlocking your Emotions 

This week we will dive deeper into the ‘bad’ and ‘negative’ emotions. Most Empaths suppress a lot of anger and resentment for feeling forced to stay quiet for so long. We will explore ways to express emotions like anger safely. 

  • Introduction to the ‘Dumping Method’

  • Learn to feel emotions in your body and still feel safe

  • Begin to use your voice and practice speaking up

 Week 3: Self-care 

This week is all about pulling your focus back from everyone else, and embracing your needs. This is likely a foreign concept, but it is time to hold yourself with the same compassion you would a dear friend. 

  • Embrace your inner child

  • Identify your needs and desires, so you can start saying ‘yes’ to yourself

  • Create a support system, learn to ask for help, and set yourself up for success


 Week 4: Speaking up 

This week you will learn to verbally set boundaries. You’ve been working on your inner space to identify where boundaries are needed. Learn how to use your words and important phrases that will help you take back your space and time.

  • Learn how to embody confidence so people take you seriously

  • Practice speaking up and using phrases that will have people respecting you!

  • Learn to ask for what you need when you require a helping hand


 Week 5: Gut Instincts and Intuition 

Learn to trust your natural instincts and intuition. You will learn how to tune into your inner space, reconnect to your own energy and listen to your intuition. This will help you begin to own your empathic superpowers.

  • Learn to identify what type of Empath you are

  • Use your gut instincts to immediately know what is right for you

  • How to expand your intuitive gifts

Stop feeling like an exhausted empathic sponge, and

see your sensitivity as a gift rather than a curse. 

Get on the 2021 waitlist. There are only 8 spots!



I’m not so sure of the ‘movement’ sessions. Do I need to be flexible? I don’t do yoga. 

The movement sessions are meant to be simple and effective. Anyone with a body can do them. Don’t let your fear of not being flexible stop you from doing the work that will help you shift your energy, release overwhelm and allow you to set boundaries with confidence.


I might not be able to make it live to some of the sessions, can I still sign-up?

Absolutely. All the sessions will be recorded each week and will be sent straight to your inbox. The movement sessions, meditations and journal are all downloadable and will be there for you to use again and again. 


Is there a payment plan available?

No worries, payments can be made week to week or over the course of 3 months. 

If you still have some lingering questions, book a free 20 minute chat so we can make sure this program is the right fit for you. 

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