You don't have to continue going through life feeling tired and depleted.

Learn to stand your ground and set compassionate boundaries so you can keep shining your light.

As an empath you likely feel too much.


  • The energy in the room.

  • The feelings of others.

  • You are the first one to become the confidant or therapist.

  • You are the fixer and often take on more than what you can single handedly manage.

  • You say 'yes' even when your gut says 'no'.

Learn how to be a compassionate witness to your own feelings first, rather than thinking other peoples emotions are more valid than your own.

We will talk about self care and the number one reason why you bypass your own care to help others.

We will move, stand our ground and learn to feel safe taking up space, so you can say 'no' with confidence.

We will meditate, discuss and move together. You will know that you are not alone, and you deserve to keep shining brightly.

The next Boundaries for Empaths workshop is coming soon! 

Sunday February 9th 2-4pm

St. Catharines, Ontario. Canada


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