Learn to Write Your Way to

Clarity, Deepen Your Intuition

And Trust Your own Wisdom

Empathic overwhelm is a real thing - you feel it so clearly sometimes - it gets in the way of you living your life. It can be especially difficult when you have to make decisions, or want to make changes in your life and you can't get through the emotional fog.

Are you ready to begin a journey into your inner self?

What You'll Get:

A do-it-yourself course that will help you begin to develop a relationship with your intuition and instinctive feelings. It will help you tune out that spinning overwhelm in your head and trust the voice of your heart and soul.

It Includes:

  • 6 short and easy to follow videos to lead you through the journey (aprox. 1 hour total)

  • A 27 page downloadable journal for guidance and writing prompts

  • 5 meditations to move connect you to your inner wisdom

  • The ability to share, comment and receive feedback from me!

'Write Down Your Soul' takes you out of your head, and into your heart.

It teaches you to listen, so you can trust your gut.

You may think with your mind, but your heart and gut are source of your intuitive instincts. They can become guideposts, directing you through life, if you let them.

Through this course, my hope is that writing and meditation become a habit - to journey into yourself and get to know what your intuition sounds like. It will allow you to listen to the callings of your soul.

You are so much more than your overwhelm.

Take the first step to discover your intuition.

Boundaries for Empaths

Join me for a 5 week Program.

Stop feeling so overwhelmed in your daily life so you can start living it!

If you are looking for something else, and need more personal guidance, consider booking an Intuitive Reading or a distance Reiki Session.

Or, register for Boundaries for Empaths. Only 6 spots available!