Reimagined Consciousness: Igniting the Flame Within

Join Jeff Tessier and Ashley Overholt for an outdoor day retreat to reconnect to the intelligence of your body and sacred YES.

What would your life look like if you listened to your heart and truly trusted your

gut instincts?

The Event

Learn to live in accordance with your body's full intelligence system and discover your sacred and intuitive 'YES' through journaling, mediation, somatic movement and creating new and aligned habits. 

We spend our lives striving, pleasing others, running on empty, fearing what is next and ignoring our true instincts. We are either burning too intensely or our flame is close to going out.


How often are we truly living a life from our sacred truth!?

We will explore the limitations of our minds, and take the time to get into the more nuanced intelligence of our heart and gut - they hold our internal guidance system - our inner compass! So often, we learn to numb, shut down, and disregard their subtle (or not-so-subtle) signals.

When you can learn to listen to your mind, heart AND gut you are in greater alignment with your truth and who you really are!

You will learn techniques to shift your life from what it 'should' be, to creating a life you truly desire.

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Join Us

Visualize the day...

  • You will be welcomed to a beautiful outdoor airBnB space

  • Enjoy warm coffee, tea and refreshments as you meet the group

  • Move through a series of mediations and illuminating journal prompts

  • You will have the opportunity to share in an open and compassionate space

  • Enjoy a warm catered lunch with time to connect to new friends and like-minds

  • Learn breathing techniques and movement to connect you to your body and intuitive alignment

  • Begin to discover what your heart and gut really want to communicate and what stands in your way

  • Begin to create new thoughts and habits that connect you to your inner compass and flame.

  • Leave feeling inspired, connected with the tools you need to reimagine living life from your intuition and sacred YES

The Location

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A beautiful airBnb space conveniently set in Welland, Ontario.

Exact location will be shared once you register for the day.

What's Included

Morning refreshments: Coffee, tea, muffins and pastries

A delicious warm catered lunch

A journal for you to work though with the group and refer to again

Connection, compassion, and self-discovery

Join me for Soul Medicine

This bi-weekly online group session is meant to bring you from the worries of your mind and into the depths of your soul.

You will receive intuitive guidance with tarot an oracle card readings, be lead through a deep earth based meditation and absorb Reiki energy healing.