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Join Medium Laurie Oakes and myself and learn to move beyond your limited

self-identity and embrace your true state of being!

Get ready to call back, and integrate all of who you are with love and compassion.

You are perfect in your wholeness, and no longer need to carry the weight of the past. 

This is a workshop that will help you to grow, and learn that all aspects of yourself deserve to be loved.

Saturday June 3rd, 10am-3pm at Zen House Yoga

Contrast & Flow


Join me for four weeks of yoga will bring you deeper into your body, so you can connect and create greater strength, mobility and balance.


While your whole body will be addressed, there will be a specific focus each week, from hips to shoulders/neck, to spine and core. You will gain a greater understanding of your body and how it moves and functions so you can feel your best!


This 60 minute class is followed by 30 minutes of self-led contrast therapy.

This means I will be there to support, explain and encourage you through this process if needed, but there will be no epectation of timing or if you choose not to sauna/cold plunge. 


I have been teaching yoga for over 14 years and love to not only get you into poses but also incorporate functional movement and give you more detailed cues so you know what you are feeling in your body! I'm excited to follow up with contrast therapy because I've seen the benefit in myself and so many others. It's also a great social time that you don't often get at yoga studios. This is a fun time to connect to the small group or just do your own thing. 


This series is for anyone with the desire to releive pain, decrease inflammation, move better, and feel better in your body. It's really that simple. 

Sign up for one session for $45 or register for all four weeks!

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