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Thank you so much for coming to the Insight & Energy event! 


Whether you joined in person or over Zoom, I am so grateful you chose to attend and for some of you, continue to join in on this session. 

This event started out as simply an idea. I had decided to offer distance Reiki and Oracle readings over Zoom during the isolation period of Covid. It worked well and I was amazed by the feedback! How could Reiki really work that well through an internet connection!? So I wondered, if I can offer this for one person, why not many? I had a small group of friends test it out for me and everyone wanted to keep going. All I can say at this point is that I continue to be surprised and blown away by the feedback. I'm honoured to be able to hold space for everyone in this way. 

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Who We Are Called To Be:


The Shaman

Shamans are known as the healers and medicine people in Indigenous and South American communities. They use nature to heal on emotional, physical and spiritual levels and are deeply connected to the unseen world. So you are called to be your own Shaman, but it doesn't need to be complicated. Spend time in nature, and be present to the magic in it and its ability to heal and sustain life. Notice how you feel when you are surrounded by it, make it a ritual to spend time in nature to connect with yourself and the magic of life. 


Our Challenges

Spirit of Wood - Implosive Spiritual Disharmony, 4 of Cups

You may feel a bit lost this month or feel like your life path is changing directions. But don't give up on yourself, or feel powerless. There could be a lot of emotional overwhelm that is clouding the way, but trust that you are being guided in the right direction. Too often we resist the pull of change (especially when there are deep emotional ties to someone or something). We hold on so tight to what is safe - let go and trust yourself to navigate a new path and trust that you are divinely guided. 


Spirit of Wood - Physical Harmony, The World

This was an odd combination of cards, but it is saying that we have to continue to look after ourselves. Often when we are emotionally stressed and overwhelmed, we reach for comfort and safety. Food makes us feel 'full' when we are feeling 'empty', and soothes our worries (at least temporarily). So pay attention to what you put in your body. Is it truly nourishing, and made with love? Or is it something we know isn't good for us but brings temporary pleasure? The liver and gallbladder can be overwhelmed by sugar, caffeine, alcohol, fried foods, and overly processed. The World is calling for us to feel whole, and as this is a card of completion, put an end to old habits around how we feel unworthy of truly fueling our bodies in the best way possible.


Spirit of Metal - Implosive Mental Disharmony, 5 of Cups

There is a lot of change happening this month and I feel much of it will be internal - our relationship with ourselves or observing our role in the relationships around us. Spirit of Metal calls for us to clear out what we no longer need to make space for something new. However, try not to be too quick to judge or make snap decisions about yourself or others. Let it be a process of tidying up, considering and observing before making any big changes. Also, sometimes when we are looking at our relationship with ourselves, we are over judgmental. We don't always like what we see, so be compassionate. It is easy to see all of our emotional burden or what holds us back, but we fail to see the good and the light in who we are. 


Emotional Awareness:


This card took me off guard for a moment. It can be so closely related to joy, but it is a bit different. Glee is uninhibited joy. Glee is joy without holding it in. It is childlike, silly and carefree. I used the example of children that laugh so hard they have juice come out their nose. Where are those moments in adulthood? Who are those people that make you laugh without restraint? What are the places within yourself that hold you back from experiencing childlike glee?



I related this closely to shame and I connect this especially to our relationship with ourselves. There are always parts of who we are, or our past that we feel ashamed about. We don't share them because we fear the judgment of others and we don't want to be humiliated. While you may not want to share with just anyone, remember that we are often so much more judgemental of ourselves than others are of us. So do your best to let something out, let it go so you don't have to hold on anymore. The fear of humiliation stops us from releasing our past or present trauma, stress or worries. This just came to me too - the fear of humiliation also stops us from accessing our glee.

I will be in touch for the next event....


If you have any feedback, or any insight or experiences you would like to share you can contact me here.