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Thank you so much for coming to the Insight & Energy event! 


Send me a message and let me know how you are feeling post event.


Did anything shift for you?

Do you feel more like you can give yourself permission to step into your power?

Would you like to attend this event once a month or more often?

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Who We Are Called To Be:


The King

The King calls for us to embody a more masculine energy and a great deal of self assurance. The king doesn't act based on what he feels or let his emotions get the better of him. He can be very discerning between right and wrong and knows when to take action - he already has a plan in place. The king also carries a regal energy - he knows who he is and is more than certain of his worth and place in the kingdom. This being said, pay attention to who is in your inner sphere, who gets your attention and energy - it shouldn't be just anyone - only those that you trust and have proven themselves worthy.   


Your Tool:

The Thread

An energetic thread weaves us all together. Any move, decision or change has an effect and the king knows this. He makes decisions for the greater good, knowing full well that he might disappoint some people. Pay attention to any of the knots, balls of thread or tangles that are close to you (this may look like drama? Is it yours? Do you want to be a part of it?). Or, notice what threats keep pulling at you, trying to get your attention. If it is worth looking at, where might that thread lead you?

Remember thread also has the potential to heal, so spend some time sewing up places where you  might feel broken or have lost a part of you. 

Other Influences:

Spirit of Metal - Implosive Spiritual Disharmony

You may feel like you have had to let go of a lot over recent months, or maybe currently? Spirit is asking us to pair down and take a close look at what is left. We have all had to clear out our lives in a big way, and that space can be scary and lonely. BUT, remember we are never truly alone. This may be a time to bring in new practices, like meditation or journaling. Enjoy the space you do have and what you are learning a long the way. 


Spirit of Fire - Explosive Emotional Disharmony

You may be feeling the anxiety, and frustrations rise as life shifts again. You want to be busy and move freely in life and you are being asked to slow down and stay home. It is throwing you off your inner alignment. But, this can be a good thing, to come back to your gut and heart and listen to your intuition. What do you want to create? What would make your heart sing again and your nervous belly relax? Maybe its stepping forward, even as life takes a step back.

Spirit of Water - Mental Harmony

Water asks us to come into the calm serene pool and sit tight until we can see a little bit more clearly. This is a good thing and even recommended before we take any steps forward. Get clear and let your willpower develop from the depths of your belly. Clear our any fear that may stand in your way of moving forward. See the emotions and thoughts that hold you back with clarity, but don't let them stop you. It's just a matter of understanding that they are not your truth.

Emotional Awareness:


The King is calm no matter the circumstances. Perhaps at times he is afraid, or anxious, but you would never know what sits beneath the surface. This card isn't asking for you to ignore your emotions, but to notice that they are there and still allow yourself to calmly take the action that you need to. If you do feel overwhelmed at times, look at what practices you have in place that would allow you to come back to your calm and centred place. 



This came up in a reading last week. It wasn't something that I connected with right away, but I think often as women, we are secretly jealous or envious and we allow that feeling to make us feel less than. We step away and think that others have it better - they are happier, more successful or more confident. Often we are jealous of what we feel we are missing in our lives. It could be connection, or we want success for ourselves or maybe we can't see our own beauty. Masculine energy wouldn't shrink, instead it would ignite the fire within to go after whatever it desires. Step into the king energy here too. 

I will be in touch for the next event....


If you have any feedback, or any insight or experiences you would like to share you can contact me here.