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Intuitive Nutrition

There is so much more to our health than the food that we eat.

Have you ever tried to follow the perfect diet? To eat all the 'right' foods but you still don't feel quite right?

Or perhaps you want to eat healthy, but your cravings have you under their complete control. Tired of feeling tired and sluggish all the time?

Learn to address your underlying stress and emotions that keep you from feeling your very best! 

Intuitive Nutrition is a 60 day, 1 on 1 program that will illuminate how stress and bottled-up emotions can keep you running back to the refrigerator for more. Food is so closely connected to our emotions and is a reflection of how you nourish yourself -- not only your belly, but your heart and mind as well. Learn to create awareness of your habits, find an outlet for your emotions and discover what you are truly hungry for!

We often reach for food if we don't want to feel a particular emotion. Food keeps us feeling 'full' when we are emotionally 'empty', it provides entertainment, gives us energy when we are lacking or provides a feeling of comfort when all we really need a hug.  













You may have tried to stick to a particular diet or meal plan in the past, but it just didn't work out, created too much stress or even made your cravings worse!? You may have had the best of intentions to 'be good', but rarely (almost never) do meal plans and diets get to the root of why we aren't feeling our best.


You can eat all the greens and drink all the juices, but if you can't acknowledge the anger, feelings of unworthiness, lack of meaningful connection or need for some excitement in your life, you will still be looking for yet another remedy or snack to feel better!


When we don't acknowledge our limiting thought, stress and emotions, we often turn to food to soothe us.

Intuitive Nutrition may be for you if you've ever:

  • Tried to eat healthy for a week or two, but your food cravings always have you falling off the healthy eating wagon.

  • Continued to eat the perfect diet no matter the cost, no matter if you are still hungry, or if you have to ignore the fact you still don't feel well. 

  • Dedicated yourself to the perfect diet, were determined to lose weight, have the perfect body and ended up eating more and feeling even worse about yourself.

  •  Scarfed down your food in less than 5 minutes and then couldn’t remember what it was you ate.

  •  Felt like you needed to eat all the ice cream right out of the carton because it will ‘make you feel better’.



Intuitive Nutrition will help you to shift the emotions that lie beneath food cravings, need to control or mindless eating. Become aware of the thoughts and emotions that keep you from feeling your very best. You will have the ability to CHOOSE when to indulge and not be controlled by stress and emotions.




Intuitive Nutrition will teach you to break down the barriers to eat mindfully, balance your emotions and stay on your path to wellness! You will learn how to:

  • Establish awareness of what emotions you are sub-consciously covering up with the foods you most often reach for or crave.  

  • Create awareness of how certain foods make you feel - anxious? bloaty? tired? sleepy? - so you can follow your own body intelligence.  

  • Release day-to-day stress and worry through journaling and simple meditation techniques.

  • Implement positive thought patterns and habits to destroy negative self talk. Make friends with your inner critic, saboteur and learn to put a stop to the guilt cycle. 

Wellness will no longer be just a concept you strive for; it will become your

natural state of being.

There is no diet or specific meal plan here, but you will learn to connect your bodies signals and cravings to a deeper meaning of what your soul is hungry for. When you begin to pay attention, most often, our emotional self and our soul are looking to be soothed, to feel full or rewarded for all that we do. 

You will learn to notice, to illuminate, to let go and take a deep dive into what self nourishment really means to you.


This package includes:


  • 4, bi-weekly sessions where we will dive into your nutrition and health history to uncover hidden emotional and lifestyle stressors. (In person or remotely)

  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that are digestible and have an emphasis on self care. 

  • Simple technique to begin creating emotional awareness, positive thought patterns and setting necessary boundaries.

  • Customized journal and 10 minute recorded meditation specific to your needs.

  • Weekly email support to keep you on track

  • Add-ons can include private yoga sessions or Reiki treatments.

Intuitive Nutrition Package:

$450.00 or 4 payments of $120.00


Working with Ashley was great. I learned to identify that when you have cravings, there may be imbalance in your life. There is an entire food psychology that I knew nothing about. It's interesting to know that if you can identify what you’re feeling and where there are areas in life you may need to work on, it will better your entire composition and help you take better care of yourself. I remember giggling when I first started to work with positive affirmations, but by the end of the month, I really saw the value in it. I would recommend it to people who seem a little lost, who are going through a tough time, or who haven't been taking care of themselves.

- Kristin T.

"Our food choices illuminate how we feel about ourselves, how well we are coping with stress in our lives and even how fulfilling our relationships may be."

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