Find Clarity and Learn to

Let Go of Your Energetic

& Emotional Overwhelm

I help Empaths that are ready to cut through the overwhelm and start living life.

I know how lonely it can be when you feel so much and you're always misunderstood.

I have practical and spiritual ways to help you feel so much lighter

You are so good at helping everyone else...but what about your needs?

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One - One Services

Get Clear Oracle Reading

A 45 minute Oracle Reading that will help you move through the stuckness, so you can see your situation clearly.

(Because I know you see solutions from every possible angle, but nothing quite 'feels' right.)

Purchase a Gift Certificate for a 45 minute Reading


I know you have tried everything to not feel so much or so friggin' tired. 

Supplements to help you feel more energized, a blanket fort to help you feel safe, and maybe another crystal in your pocket to protect you from negative energy. 

Sometimes you need a little help. 

 Feel Lighter Reiki Session 

A 90 minute Reading & Reiki Session that will help you let go of all that you are carrying so you can feel so much lighter.


(Because I know how tired you are from holding onto everything that isn't yours to begin with.)


Purchase a Gift Certificate for a 75 minute Session

You don't need to feel like a deflated balloon.

Learn to set boundaries so you can stop feeling so overwhelmed and start seeing your sensitivity as a gift. 

Boundaries for Empaths

Join me for a 5 week Program.

Stop feeling so overwhelmed in your daily life so you can start living it!