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August Energy Update

Welcome to August everyone!

I posted this video on the first, but was on my way up north for a few days so I didn't have the chance to send it out. I had planned on using the wifi, but the connection was spotty at best.

So here we are. Can you believe it is August already!?

I can say already as I look back on my past week, I have been moving between moments of joy and playfulness, trying to soak up the last of the summer, and moments where I feel really tender. I have been learning (after so many years) to begin being gentle and kind to my inner child rather than punishing myself for feeling a particular way. Some days my energetic heart centre feels really vulnerable, like my walls or shield I built to protect myself just isn't there anymore.

Okay, let's get back to the video if you are reading it rather than watching it.

I feel like August, there is so much potential for change. It's Leo Season, which is fiery and this time of year is also associated with the element of fire, so it is so easy for something to ignite. (And as I write this, I'm hearing that this can be within us, in the wold around us, but there is also a great possibility to be able to burn something away).

The analogy for change that I used in the video is someone flipping the boardgame or checker game over in a moment of frustration. As the pieces fall, you can never set up the board in exactly the same way. Something will have changed and even in this moment of chaos, it also gives you the power to choose how you are going to reset all of the pieces.

You might feel like there is change coming already or are already in the midst of it, but don't be surprised if there are unexpected shifts in your life - relationships, work, family, or an unexpected trip.

Because of this fiery energy and this feeling of potential simmering beneath the surface, it is really important to stay, hydration, nature baths etc.

And through this potential for change, can you stay in your heart?

If you are in the midst of change or you are suddenly presented with new opportunities or options, can you observe what part of you is making that decision?

  • Are you making that decision from your mind, based on what you 'should' do or what others expect of you?

  • Are you making the decision out of fear, desperation or like you won't ever have a better option?

  • Or perhaps you are making some changes because of a deep gut feeling or knowing that you need to take a new path?

Ideally, we can consider our logic, our heart and our gut feelings. When they can all work together, it can create a beautiful alignment and stability within our being. It's almost the feeling like your heart has roots, so you are making decisions from a loving place, but also stable and grounded.

Sometimes when we have these big daydreamy desires that aren't grounded, we can't bring them to fruition. It takes a certain quality of energy and focus to hold onto the dream, but also take the logical steps we need to make them a reality.

And finally, fear, worry, and anxiety inevitably will come up during times of change, chaos or transformation, so the more you can keep your feet on the ground, stay present in your body, you can hold space for the uncomfortable emotions rather than give up or run away from them.

Even if you are expecting or hoping for change to happen, also trust in the divine timing of everything. Sometimes, we feel like we are ready, but there is still something for us to learn where we are, or the situation isn't quite right for where we want to go.

Have trust and patience. I am saying this as much for myself as I am for you.

What do the cards have to say?

Spirit of Earth - Emotional Harmony

What brings you emotional harmony and stability?

This card calls for us to get closer to nature, truly care for ourselves in the most nurturing way possible so we can be kind and gentle with ourselves if we are feeling the anxiety, worry or nervousness about what is next.

Think about this like giving up any of your challenges, or concerns to Mother Earth, and truly feel like you can drop into her embrace. How would it feel if you could completely surrender any of your worries to her?

If you feel like you are caught in your mind or swirl of emotions, bring your awareness down into your legs, imagining that you had roots moving from your feet and into the earth. Somtimes charging our focus or awareness can make all the difference.

Six of Wands

We are breaking free of the confusion or restriction or the not knowing what's next. We are going to have the ability to rise above what we felt was limiting us or holding us back. This card always reminds me of the phoenix rising from the ashes. But, I have also heard the sentiment, that in order to rise, we first need to become ash.

What I always think of when I see this card is how the butterfly moves through the world. The butterfly easily gets carried by the wind, so even as you feel like you are breaking free, take note if you are getting carried away by other peoples opinions or expectations of you.

Again, go back to your roots. Sink deeper into your practices, boundaries and foundation so you can rise.

Trust the Timing - Trust the wave you came in on. Time is not running out.

It is truly all in divine timing. So if you wonder why something hasn't happened yet, it is coming all in due time. Trust the process.

There are a few pieces to consider here...

I know for many of us, myself included, have been doing a lot of reflection and inner work this summer, and it could be that that particular process needs to be complete before you take the next step in your journey.

Sometimes rejection or a goal, person, or dream not coming to fruition is in fact protection. If there was something you were truly hoping to manifest, or bring into your life and it hasn't happened, it could be that it was never meant for you. I do find at times, what we want and what we need can also be two very different things.

Again, consider you alignment.

  • Are you grounded?

  • Does this change truly feel good in your gut?

  • Is it from the heart or is it based on someone else's expectation of you?

  • What quality of energy are you holding?

Remember like attracts like, so sometimes if you have been feeling down, or less than, you need to bring your frequency to a new level before we will be attuned to the positive changes we are hoping to bring into our lives.

If you are in need of some guidance and support, consider booking a Reading & Reiki Session

Stay grounded and keep holding the light,

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