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If you have made it here to my services page, you may be taking your first step to supporting and nourishing yourself in a new way - I look forward to meeting you. If you have been here before, welcome back


Being a sensitive person in an extroverted world has its challenges (as you may already know), and has called me to be of service, to support you in your healing process. It's likely you have already overcome a lot in your life, and I don't doubt how strong you are, but what would it feel like to let go and let the yourself be restored? 

Reiki works on all the levels of the body - physical, emotional, energetic - and can act as a compliment to your other practices and therapies, whether alternative or medical.


Reiki may be something you want to pursue if you are experiencing:

  • Emotional overwhelm

  • Inflammation or pain

  • Digestive issues

  • Exhaustion and fatigue

  • Restlessness and lack of direction

  • A need for deep relaxation and restoration

Insight and Reiki for Sensitive Humans, provides Sacred Tree for All Seasons oracle card reading

and a distance Reiki treatment. You will discover where your emotions and energy are at currently, and understand where you are being called to grow. Reiki energy will take you into a deep and restful relaxation so you the energy can help you align and feel restored. 


When you take the time to fill your own cup, you can continue to be the light that we so desperately need in this world

  • Support your sensitive soul with the wisdom of nature and Reiki energy

    1 hr


  • Find insight, guidance and support through the wisdom of nature.

    30 min





"Thank you, Ashley, for the online card reading and Reiki energy healing. I haven't received an online reading and healing of this nature before and it was just as valuable as a face to face exchange. Your intuition is spot on and the insight you received about me before the reading was accurate, with similar insights that I have had from other intuitives. The cards you pulled in the session were an accurate representation of where I am at at the moment and your guidance was well received. You have a calm and thoughtful nature and this was felt in the session, which online is wonderful. I enjoyed the card reading feedback following the session for me to access at any time I wish."

- Karen De Souza

"After the treatment I'm feeling amazing. Totally different than before the treatment. I slept really well last night and I think I realized my biggest issue was that I wasn't grounded. So thank you." 

- Jenny A

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