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A healing membership for women that supports your sensitive soul

Soul Medicine Membership

Join the community to receive energy updates, card readings, distance Reiki healing and movement for your soul

You might feel like you have to go through your challenges on your own because nobody will understand. You are not alone in all your feelings and highly sensitive experiences. In fact, you are in the right place.


Joining this monthly membership connects you with others who are just like you. They too know what it feels like to be a sensitive and in the process of self-healing in this strange and chaotic world.

This is a membership that will connect you to others, and provide you with guidance and tools to support your healing journey.

You can find strength in finding support and healing with others, so join me and the women of the Soul Medicine Membership and receive the connection and nourishment that you so deeply desire. 

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I know what it's like to long for support and community, but often didn’t feel like I was good enough, worthy enough and was afraid to be seen. I was always on the outside looking in.

I’ve been through many ups, downs and a deep 'dark night of the soul' and I yearned for support and community that understood what I was going through. When life and emotional challenges occur, they are asking you to listen in and discover the lessons, shadows, and challenges that exist within you. While it's not an instantaneous process, you begin to see yourself for who you really are and begin living a more conscious life that is more in tune with your heart and soul. 

It can be really powerful when you can allow yourself to be supported by others to make changes in your life and incorporate tools and rituals that would improve your mind, body and emotions.

What would you do differently if you had intuitive guidance and tools to support you each month?

Each Month, You'll Receive...

As the community grows, so will the offerings!

Guest Speakers and Teachers

Discounts on other events and offerings

You will also receive a complimentary reading on your birthday

Through this membership you will allow you to become more conscious of who you are, and gain understanding that you are never lost. You may feel lost because you are searching outside of yourself for answers or trying to figure out what will make everyone else happy.


Your sensitivity doesn’t need to run your life. You likely have the ability to understand, help and guide others, but you also have to learn to make yourself a priority. Having access to soul guidance, energy transmissions and movement practices will help you learn to use your sensitivity to tune into your own emotions, intuition, and knowing.

 My hope is not that you will always be reliant on me for support and guidance. My hope is that you will become more conscious and gain the trust and knowledge of your own intuition so you can become your own guide. You will have access to meditations, movement practices, journaling prompts and a community that will support you through this process.


Join Soul Medicine Membership