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Week 2 

What's Yours, What's Not!? 

Step 1

Watch the Video

Thanks for joining me for Week 2!

This week we got more into the meat of 'what to do' when you are feeling so much. 

This is what we covered...

  • Review of Week 1. Why it is so important to observe our feelings and stress responses.

  • How to sort out what belongs to you and how to know what doesn't.

  • What happens when we keep saying 'Yes' to things when we really mean 'No'. 

  • The main reason why we always try to help, fix and please people.

  • What is a narcissist and why we attract them into our lives. 

  • Basics of energy and emotional clearing. 

Step 2


This movement video again is so easy and maybe one step up from Week 1. 

When you are tired, emotionally and energetically overwhelmed you may not notice it, but it is possible that you 'deflate' and physically shrink. 

This movement video gets you to connect to your breath and increase your capacity. You will feel more energized and make space to stand tall!

Step 3

Listen to the Meditation

We are working with the breath again, and bringing nature to you!

Walking in nature is really helpful for relaxation and clearing stagnant energy. Just like trees take in the carbon dioxide we release, they can also absorb the energy that weighs heavy on you. 

This meditation will encourage you to let go of what you no longer need to carry and bring in new energy that serves you most. 

Step 4

The Journal Pages

Lets take a look at who or what lights you up AND what might be burning you out. 

This is about creating awareness of what might be draining energy in your life. 

The final page, I encourage your to write it out and either bury it or burn it, so the energy you have been carrying can be released. 

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