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Week 3 

Self-care: What do you need?

Step 1

Watch the Video

It's Week 3 already!

The holidays are upon us, so it was a small live group this time around. If you are just tuning into the recording, I hope you get a lot out of our discussion this week. 

  • Review of Week 1 and 2 and why it's important to go through this process of slowly uncovering. 

  • I share some realizations that I've had this past week around responsibility, agreements, self-care and trust. 

  • We take a look at the types of needs we have and what self-care really means.

  • Inner child meditation and writing exercise. 

  • Sharing, reflections, goals and intentions. 

Step 2


Let yourself sink and settle into self care. This movement sequence may illuminate where you are holding on to tension and challenge you to move in your energy in a softer way. 

How does it make you feel?

Step 3

Listen to the Meditation

This meditation is best done before you dive into the journal pages. It will help prompt some of the connections and perhaps bring about some answers to the questions. 

This is all about what you need and what your inner child is asking for. Perhaps you both need the same things....

Step 4

The Journal Pages

This week we explore our needs for care, joy, safety and trust. 

What do you need? What does that child within you need?

Try to incorporate some of what your inner self is asking for over the holidays. 

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