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Week 4 

Speaking Up: What aren't you saying?

Step 1

Watch the Video

Here is the recording of Week 4 for you!

Thanks for everyone who joined in live with me!

  • We talked about what it takes to speak up

  • Staying connected to your emotions and how to know when someone has overstepped a boundary.

  • The cycle that happens when we try to ignore the feeling that a boundary has been crossed

  • What stands in our way of speaking up, and what benefit we get from withholding.

  • How it feels when we get the courage to speak up and no longer hold on to the worry, resentment, anger or hurt. 

Step 2

This short movement video will challenge you to dig into your ager, your strength and your power. It may be uncomfortable, but embracing a different quality of energy can get you geared up for showing up and speaking up for yourself. 
Step 3

Listen to the Meditation

This meditation is the perfect way to come back to your centre and begin to find the words that need to be said. Sometimes they don't come easily, especially if you are caught up in the overwhelm.

Let the words bubble up from within...

Step 4

The Journal Pages

This week we explore what we need to say and how we benefit if we do!

It might be uncomfortable to dive into some of the questions, because I encourage you to identify what holds you. But, awareness lessens the control they have over us. 

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