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Week 5 

Trusting Your Intuition: Embracing Your Inner Guidance

Step 1

Watch the Video

Here is the recording of Week 5!

Thanks for joining in! This was our last week!

  • This was about trusting your inner voice (most of you are already very in tune!)

  • Why it can be so challenging to trust your intuition.

  • Get to know the voice in your head. If you can see your negative thoughts, you can reframe them.

  • We talk how to re-frame WHY questions (ie: Why am I always so...)

  • Getting to know the wisdom of your heart and its wants and needs. What do YOU need?

  • We talk the BIG why question and how it can motivate you to move past your fear. 

  • Getting to know your gut and its deep instinctual guidance. 

  • And finally, WHAT'S NEXT!?

Step 2

It's short and sweet, but it will having you holding space for your heart and your gut. If you can physically make space using movement and your breath, you can make space to connect and feel your emotions too! 
Step 3

Listen to the Meditation

This meditation will guide you through your three brains, connecting to your mind, heart and gut. When you are connected with your deeper, inner self, can you let your body speak? What is it saying to you?

Step 4

The Journal Pages

If you joined live, you went though most of these questions already, BUT you can come back to them at any point that you like. I use these questions for myself again and again. 

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