Dear Empath, 

 I see you.

I see you walking into the grocery store, grabbing a container of blueberries when suddenly you’re hit with tension, anger, frustration — out of nowhere! You weren’t feeling that way a second ago. 

And then you look at the woman holding a cabbage right next to you, and she’s got a furious frown on her face. 

Oooooooh…. Right. #EmpathProblems

I know you are tired of taking on other people's emotions as if they were your own - it’s draining and overwhelming - and you wish you could just let them go somehow. 


Nobody else understands why you feel so much or why you are so tired all the time. You want to help people, (and you have most of your life), but you know that always giving so much of yourself comes at a cost. You isolate and hide just to cope sometimes - it makes you feel like you are missing out on life. 


You know you want to feel different, not so much like an emotional sponge, but nothing has really helped you feel like you can put emotional or energetic boundaries in place or speak up for yourself. 


You can only fake it till you make it for so long. 


It’s time to stop judging yourself for feeling so different 


Wouldn’t it feel awesome to embrace your sensitivity as a strength rather than a weakness?

I work with Empaths that feel like they take on everyone else's emotional sh*t. I help them stop being so overwhelmed in their daily life so they can embrace who they really are. 

 I know you wonder why someone can’t just fix you or help you turn off all of the feelings. You sometimes get frustrated having to explain why you are SO SENSITIVE all the time. 


You’ve done all the yoga, tried another juice fast, or another supplement that you thought would give you more energy, but feel no better (or sometimes even worse!?). You’ve read all of the self-help books (or parts of them anyway) but still haven’t been able to help yourself.


You’ve thought about going to a therapist, but talking about yourself just makes you feel nauseous. 

Sometimes you wish there was a magic pill that could make

all the feelings go away.


I spent my life being too sensitive, feeling drained by certain people or crowds and often got walked all over. I was the listener and the therapist, but it seemed nobody could see that I was hurting, and at times I needed help too. I neglected my needs and suppressed my own emotions because I never felt like I was important, or worthy enough to take up space. At times I even felt purposeless, alone and depressed. 


It wasn’t until I went through some of my most difficult times that things began to change. I got to the bottom of what was keeping me small. I started developing new habits.​


There is no one simple solution to beating the overwhelm - it takes time, awareness and practice.

There are many pieces to the puzzle, but I have created a formula that gets to the core of it and I take pride that it is both incredibly practical and just a little bit ‘woo-woo’. 

Red Floral Single Awareness Day Valentin

It was really about helping myself first and doing the deeper

(and sometimes woo-woo) inner work that finally helped me feel like I was finally in charge of my own emotions and life.

I’m a Yoga Instructor and have been teaching for over 10 years! I can help you connect to really simple, practical movements that get you feeling a different way - calm, strong, relaxed, or confident. It can take as little as 10 minutes. 


I’m a Reiki Master and can help you shift when you need assistance. It helps you feel more grounded, in your body and can clear out stuck and stagnant emotions. It’s a great way to receive help and indulge in self-care (because I know you are looking after everyone else all the time!)


I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and while I don’t consult in the traditional way, I understand how deeply food and emotions are connected, and know what to do when food becomes the only way you have to soothe yourself or stops you from letting go of buried feelings.


I’m Intuitive and can help you find clarity when you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck by reading Tarot or Oracle Cards. I’m always staying up to date on astrological and collective energies, because it can help you make sense of what you are feeling. 


I bring calm and a grounding energy to help you feel safe and stay connected to yourself as you bravely embark on this new journey. 


I see your potential and will continue to encourage you even when you hit emotional roadblocks. 

Want to know a little more about me? 


  • I am a Cancer, with Virgo rising, a rare INFJ, and a Manifesting Generator. 


  • I read about astrology and numerology in elementary school. It helped me figure out where I belonged. I still stay up-to-date on astrological events and energy forecasts. 


  • I used to be a corporate interior designer in Toronto, and even won a design award as a student! I felt like I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t. 

  • I love books, and will read for days if you let me.

  • I live for being wrapped up in a blanket, hammock or soaking in the sunshine. (Even better when I have a book in hand). 


  • I am 100% certain that I should have been born in a warmer climate and that I am solar powered. 


  • I love coffee, like a lot.


I see where you are, because I've been there. 

You don't need to take on everyone elses sh*t all the time. 

Check out my 5 week Program, Boundaries for Empaths!