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I don’t want you to struggle like I did.


I will help you create an online presence, bring out your true voice, and your unique offerings. 

Option 1    

A 1 hour in person or virtual session with me.

  • Receive advice from someone that knows what you are going through

  • Get clear on what you want and identify the next practical steps are for you.

With this program you get:

  • 1 follow-up email following your session

  • A workbook to help you discover your voice and message as a teacher.

  • 25% off a Soul Medicine session that will help shift and clear your energy


Option 2     

A 5 week 1-on-1 program to help you

  • Get clear and discover what you really want to offer and create

  • Receive feedback on your current class or class you are hoping to teach

  • Build confidence and discover what your strengths really are

  • Discover your target audience and begin to build an online presence

With this program you get:

  • 5, one hour long sessions with me each week (class feedback and/or discussion)

  • Email support between your sessions

  • A 25 page journal to help you get clear on who YOU really are and what you have to offer

  • A workbook identifying your ideal student/client and building your first workshop

  • A complimentary Soul Medicine Session to help shift your energy and connect you to your purpose

Not sure if this is right for you? Schedule a 15 minute call with me to see if we are the right fit.


payment plans available

Image by Azlan Baharudin

Not Sure Which Option to Choose?

Book a 20 minute call with me to discuss which option best fits your needs


I’m so busy already, will I even have the time for this?

If you want to start a new venture and start making money doing what you love, putting in the time and effort will make a difference - even if it comes with an initial sacrifice. You will learn so much about yourself through this process, and I’m sure your friends and family would love to see you lit up and excited about what you are creating!

I’m not sure if I can pay the full amount at once, is there a payment plan?

Absolutely. Lets make the payments work for you. 

I have never heard of a mentorship program like this, will it even work?

It’s true, this is not something that is commonly offered, but I wish it was available to me when I began teaching. I had so many questions and very few resources. I wanted help from someone that understood me and my personality, rather than feeling like I needed to be like every extroverted yogi that seemed to be thriving. It took me a long time to find my stride and it would have been a lot easier if I had the help and assistance. That is why I believe this program has immense value.

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