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Image by Kent Pilcher

Reiki Level 2

Deepen your connection to Reiki Life Force Energy, your intuition and expand your capacity to heal.

Level 2 requires you to grow. If Level 1 was about learning how to heal yourself, taking the next step requires your roots to be strong so you can become more confident in who you are and your ability to assist in healing not only yourself, but others as well. 


Take a journey through the 5 Elements and let them guide you to a deeper understanding of the body, emotions and our natural cycles.


Distance Healing

Learn the Reiki Symbols that can connect you to your ability to send energy healing by distance. They will also allow you to amplify the energy your energetic frequency.


The 5 Elements

The 5 Element Theory is connected to Traditional Chinese Medicine and if you loved learning about the chakra system, this only deepens your understanding of the body, energy and emotions.


Increase your Intuition

We will further explore intuition and the 4 main ways your intuition or inner knowing speaks to you. You will learn how to continue to expand your intuitive abilities. 

You will Learn

Image by Kent Pilcher

Why is Reiki Important?

More than ever before, we need more people in the world that are willing to do the work, take the path less travelled, heal themselves and most importantly, hold compassionate space to assist others in their healing process. 

We live in a broken world (surely you have noticed), and Reiki teaches us how to become more whole despite the state of the world and despite our perceived flaws. Reiki helps us find our centre, merging our shadow and our light, our mind and body with our soul or spirit. 

When you continue to choose a more mindful path, the path of the healer, you are choosing to be lead by your soul, your higher self and your intuition. There is only more, and there is no turning back. 

Image by Kent Pilcher

I'm Ashley

A Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor,

Intuitive Card Reader and Empath


I didn't find Reiki. Reiki found me. 

I was not yet 21 when I began my first training and I was just about to graduate from college for interior design - my life was headed in a very different direction. 

Reiki had other ideas about where I should go, who I should be with and what my life should look like. 

I've had a relationship with Reiki now for 15 years, and it has always been nourishing, revealing, but not always easy. It has shifted my life when it was out of alignment, it has taken me on (literal) journeys into the world and deeper into my soul.

I believe we can all ignite the gift of Reiki healing, and I can teach you how to embrace yours with confidence!

This Journey Will Take You

To a place of not only having your roots in deep nutritious soul, but having the strength to increase your capacity to heal and receive nourishment.

It is time for you to grow new foliage and blossom. 

  • You will gain the ability to send healing to your past and future selves, as well as send to others. 

  • You will learn the ethics around distance healing - when to and when not to. 

  • Create a distance practice for yourself and your potential clients. 

  • Receive Level 2 attunements which will increase and strengthen your energy capacity.

  • Understand the 5 Element Theory which will bring you greater understanding of the body, and how our vital organs are connected to specific energy frequencies and emotions. You will learn to restore the balance. 

  • Increase your intuitive capabilities through understanding how our intuition most commonly speaks to us, and practice learning to read others. 

  • Move through a ritual to help you embody The 5 Elements and move through the cycle from letting go, to self care and grounding to accepting your gifts and genious in the world.

A tree can't reach its full size and capacity by simply reaching to the sky. It must put equal (if to more) energy into putting its roots down into the earth, existing in the physical world, as its branches become the antenna to reach for the heavens.

Image by Kent Pilcher

You'll Receive...

  • Your Level 2 Manual, with all of the information we will have discussed. 

  • Your Level 2 attunement intensifying and increasing your energetic capacity

  • Your Certificate of Completion


Most of all you will have a greater knowledge and confidence in your ability to heal and become who you truly are.

Join me in person at Zen House Yoga Studio,

May 28th 1-4pm and May 29th 1-5pm

Your investment is $333.00

There is no better time than to learn how to become a conduit for love, healing and compassion. We need more healers, artists and visionaries in the world. We need more people to continue shining their light. 

Contrast & Flow
Contrast & Flow
Multiple Dates
Jun 22, 2023, 7:00 p.m.
St. Catharines
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