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Reiki Level 1 

What if you had the ability to put your needs and self care first?

What would it feel like if you had the ability to connect deeper, trust your own guidance and learn how to heal yourself?

Learning Reiki Level 1 begins your journey into energy medicine and self-healing.

It is the place where you begin to learn to take care of your own body, energy and emotions. Reiki will teach you the importance of self-care, boundaries and understanding the fundamentals of energy (remember, we are BOTH matter and energy).

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Reiki is important and can be a very useful and empowering tool for anyone to use. It puts you in control of your ability to align, heal your body, balance your emotions and create a deeper spiritual connection.


But there are other layers that may be even more important. If you are very sensitive (aka: an Empath) or have a difficult time putting yourself first, Reiki is a tool that can teach you to make yourself a priority and bring you back to your own body and energy.


Reiki can help you...


Connect you to your body: Touch brings you back to sensation, your heart and allows you to acknowledge how you are physically or emotionally feeling.


Learn to put yourself first: Reiki, especially in the beginning stages is meant to be about self-healing. It makes you the priority and encourages you to put your needs first.


It empowers you to heal: As you become the healer, you gain the ability to shift your energetic state, to enhance your body's physical ability to heal, and to manage your emotions. 


You get to know yourself on a deeper level: Reiki can take you on an inner journey into your truest self and deepens your spiritual connection and to what is actually possible.

This journey begins with yourself.


It means putting you first and ensuring your roots are in deep, rich, nutritious soil. A great oak can't grow to full size and capacity with out a rich environment and healthy roots.

I’m Ashley. A Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor,

Intuitive Card Reader and Empath


I didn't find Reiki. Reiki found me. 

I was not yet 21 when I began my first training and I was just about to graduate from college for interior design - my life was headed in a very different direction. 

Reiki had other ideas about where I should go, who I should be with and what my life should look like. 

I've had a relationship with Reiki now for 15 years, and it has always been nourishing, revealing, and has taken me on journeys into the world and deeper into my soul.

I believe we can all ignite the gift of Reiki healing, and I can teach you how to embrace yours with confidence!


Take the next step in your healing and become the healer...

You will learn:

  • The history of Reiki and its lineage

  • What Reiki is and why it's important

  • How Reiki can benefit your health and your life

  • The Reiki Precepts or core beliefs

  • Basics of the Chakra System

  • Basics of energy clearing and protection

  • The traditional hand placement for Reiki treatments

  • How to give a treatment to others and to yourself

  • How to begin your 21 day Reiki integration

You will receive:

  • A 21+ page Reiki Manual

  • The Level 1 Reiki Attunement

  • Your Reiki Level 1 Certificate of Completion

  • My feedback and support in the weeks to follow

Location: Zen House Yoga Studio

Time: Saturday 1-4pm, Sunday 1-5pm

Cost: $222 (or $111 to review Level 1)



I felt that the Reiki training was perfectly paced. It touched on so many concepts but left me wanting to know more. Learning about the precepts really resonated with me, learning the hand placement and about the chakras were some of the best parts. 

Thank you so much for sharing your gift. It has been another great tool in my recovery. I have really been engaging in my self practice of reiki. It has been a tremendous help.

- Kimberley

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today. It was so amazing for myself to feel the energy being received and giving it felt so powerful too. It was truly a powerful experience and I will certainly be taking the 21 day integration and journaling my journey. 

It was so fascinating and such a positive energy in the room with all of the participants. Everyone seemed to have a high level of trust with one another from sharing to actual touch as well. It's such an amazing journey for everyone including myself and I am glad that I have had the opportunity to experience and patriciate in the training last week. It's certainly helped me now and for the future and I'm also keen to support the level 2 training when you set up the dates. 

- Jason


Learning Reiki will feel empowering, as you can take your own health and wellness into you own hands.

You will have the knowledge and confidence to begin your self-healing journey. Reiki is truly transformative. Not only will it benefit your physical body, but you will feel more connected to your inner-purpose and power.

You deserve to live your life feeling calm, aligned and grounded. 


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Embracing your own ability to self-heal will enhance your life and empower you trusting in your own magic.


It's time to let your light and your gifts shine. 

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