Learn to embrace Your Sensitivity
and step into Your Intuitive Power

I'm Ashley Overholt and I work with empaths and sensitive humans so they can find their way home to themselves and connect deeper with who they truly are.

As a sensitive human, it is easy to feel like you don't belong in this life. You likely grew up being misunderstood, or criticized for being 'too sensitive' all the time. To you, it is just the way you are (you really don't know how to be any other way), but it feels impossible to explain it to anyone else. 

 You have a natural desire to help people, (and you have most of your life), but you are learning that always giving so much of yourself comes at a cost. Some days, other people's energy and the world just feels like it is too much.

You desire getting to know yourself on a deeper level and have a true understanding of who you are (and not so anxious or like an emotional sponge) but it is so difficult to figure out who you are when you can't sort out what actually belongs to you.


You are in the right place. I see you.

It is time to start embracing your sensitivity as a strength rather than a weakness.

I want to show you how powerful you truly are. 

Join me for Soul Medicine

Join the bi-weekly Sunday night group online, or book a personal session 

and move into the depths of your soul.

You will receive readings, be lead through a deep earth based meditation and finish with Reiki energy healing.

Yoga & Mentorship

Book private lessons with me, so you can develop a practice specifically for your body - whether you want to learn the basics, adapt the practice to your unique needs, or deepen your existing practice.

If you are a new or existing teacher and wanting to amplify your unique voice and create more authentic offerings, take a look at yoga mentorship.

Who Am I?

I am a lot of things and it can be difficult to put into words who I am and exactly what I do.

I am an empath and sensitive, so I feel my way through life, which can be both a blessing and a curse. If you follow me on Instagram I often share my empathic and intuitive insights as I process my inner and outer worlds.

I show up for you as a yoga instructor and Reiki Master with over a decade of experience.

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