Boundaries for Empaths 

Stop feeling so overwhelmed in your everyday life, and start living it! 

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 I see you bending down to pet someone's dog on a beautiful sunny day.  You look up and smile at the owner just to be friendly. 

 It's now been an hour. You now know the dogs name (George), know he has a history of gallstones and have the play-by-play of Nancy's entire life story. While you love that people like to confide in you, all you can think of now is having a nap. 

 You just got dumped on....#EmpathProblems 


Being an Empath is not something that just happens one day and it's not

something you can just turn off.

I'm sure you've heard the question, ‘Why are you are soo sensitive!?’ most of your life.


It’s not easy absorbing other people's energy, - you barely have the capacity for your own emotions sometimes. Because you are so in tune, you know intuitively what everyone needs and find yourself trying to make everybody else happy.  


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