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Ashley Overholt

I know you are tired of taking on other people’s emotions as if they are your own. Not everyone can understand why you feel so much, or why you get so overwhelmed. I’m sure you wish that you could just let it all go somehow. 


I know you might live for helping others or caring for your family, but you have to be a priority sometimes too. 


If you are a 'Sensitive', 'Empath' or 'People Pleaser', Signing up for this free email series is the first step in putting YOU first. It’s time for you to be a little bit selfish. 



I'm Ashley Overholt an Intuitive Empath, Guide and Healer. I help others move through their emotional overwhelm so they can become a more conscious Empath.

I spent my life being too sensitive, feeling drained by certain people or crowds and often got walked all over. I was the listener and the therapist, but it seemed nobody could see that I was hurting, and at times I needed help too.


I neglected my needs and suppressed my own emotions because I never felt like I was important, or worthy enough to take up space. At times I even felt purposeless, alone and depressed. 


It wasn’t until I went through some of my most difficult times that things began to change. I got to the bottom of what was keeping me small. I started developing new habits, making myself a priority and consciously choosing to honour my sensitivity.

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