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Let go of the overwhelm, people pleasing and discover who you really are. 

Empath Mentorship

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I help Empaths and Sensitives stop people pleasing and learn to look after their needs first. When you can tune into yourself beneath the anxiety, overwhelm and the desire to make everyone else happy, you can re-discover your boundaries, intuition and deep seated desires.


Join me for 12 weeks of diving deeper into embracing your sensitivity as a superpower and discovering who you really are. 

Were your needs ever met, Dear One?

If you’ve been considered 'too sensitive' all your life and put everyone elses needs before your own, you are in the right place. 


Somewhere early on in your life, you were programmed to suppress your needs so you could make others happy and keep the peace. 


It was likely that you were rewarded for this behaviour in some way, so you learned that you were ‘good’ and ‘worthy’ if you stayed quiet, bit your tongue, did what you were supposed to do, even if deep down in your gut, it didn’t feel good for you.


Have you been trying to please everyone in your life all this time?


Do you still feel like you aren’t deserving of being seen and heard?

If you relate to what I describe here, you are likely an Empath or 'People Pleaser'


The habits we learned and developed in childhood often stay with us throughout our lives unless we learn to unravel them. And, it’s not easy work. If you think about putting yourself first, your mind might go on high alert! 


“It’s not safe...What will happen if!?....What will others think of me?”

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I'm Ashley Overholt

I have been a textbook Empath and sensitive all of my life. If you are here, you are well aware that with sensitivity comes emotional overwhelm, energy drain or burnout and having to feel or fix everyone elses issues except your own. 

I struggled for many years, giving too much of my time, energy and precious resources away (meaning I was always people pleasing). 

I had to learn how to tune into my own inner guidance, set boundaries, and learn to use my sensitivity as a gift. I can firmly stand in my abilities as a teacher and mentor.

I'm here to show you the way, help you become a conscious Empath, discover who you really are and how powerful you can be. 

This Journey is for you if you want to...

Find clarity on what steps to take in your life and not worry about making everyone else happy.


To learn to listen to your inner voice and trust your own wisdom, and intuition to guide you.

Heal and feel better not just in your physical body, but also in you mind, energy and emotions. 

​Understand the patterns, habits and emotions that keep you stuck so you can become more conscious.


Sometimes you need a helping hand or a bit of guidance to help you discover your worth, your value and what you really want in your life.

I have been confused about my purpose, questioned why I'm even here and have felt so lost too. I have great compassion and understand what it takes to move through challenging times, having faced my own lack of self-worth, anxiety, depression and my own 'Dark Night of The Soul'. 

I did my work alone, out of shame, not believing anyone would understand. I know now, it's beyond helpful to have someone to guide you through the shadows, holding you accountable to taking the steps towards change and transformation. 


Setting time for meditation, journaling, and creating new habits and rituals will support you in getting to know your inner world, your intuition and learning about who you really are. Most Empaths have an identity around pleasing others and if you want to trust your intuition and inner knowing, that must come from building a relationship with you and your inner world. 

It takes some bravery to take the steps into yourself and into your shadows to get to know who you really are more deeply. But through this you will have a greater access to your wisdom, your soul and your own spiritual guidance. As you are able to let go of who you think you need to be, you begin to meet the magical person that you truly are.


Listening and trusting your inner knowing will become second nature.

Image by Raimond Klavins

What will you get out of this program?

Learn to Put Yourself First

Part of this program is about choosing you for 12 weeks and making yourself a priority. I know how uncomfortable this feels, but it is also necessary if you want to become more conscious about your choices and living a life based on who YOU want to be and not who everyone EXPECTS you to be. You have emotions, needs and desires too and it's unlikely many of them have been met because you are programmed to give and feel unworthy to receive. It's time to unravel that and discover your true worth and value!


Accept Who you Really Are

Often you want to push parts of yourself or aspects of your personality away, especially if  you see them as bad, shameful or less than. And as a fellow Empath, I KNOW how small you feel sometimes. It's easier to accept other people's pain or stories, but it's much more challenging to accept your own. Self-acceptance means embracing both the shadows and the light sides of yourself. Your challenges have made you who you are and when you let all parts of your personality be seen, loved and accepted you become whole.

Learn to Trust Your Intuition

You have the sensitivity and intuition to help others, but why not yourself? This will be a challenge, to hold your boundaries so you can set quiet time for yourself to write, meditate and listen. It is possible for you to have deeper access to your wisdom, your soul and your own spiritual guidance. As you are able to let go of who you think you need to be, you begin to meet the magical person that you truly are.


Over the 12 weeks, you will be deepening your relationship with your intuition, how you care for yourself, and how you spend your time. While this sounds easy making yourself a priority will require unravelling old patterns, creating new habits and ways of seeing yourself.


It does take a bit of effort, but you are worth it!

Each session we will begin with a short reading to bring insight into your current energy and situation. Together we will create a plan for you will take the journey into your inner self through meditation, journaling and tapping into your sensitivity and intuition. 

If you want to find more purpose, direction and passion in your life, doing the same thing every day will not get you there. Sometimes you need a helping hand to bring you guidance, support and help you to discover your worth, your value and what you really want in your life. Most of all, you will have someone to hold you accountable to taking the steps towards change and transformation.

Image by Neal E. Johnson

It's time to make yourself and your deepest needs a priority. You have done so much for others, and it is time to put you first, so you can truly discover how worthy you are of being seen and embracing your sensitivity as a strength, rather than a weakness. When you are confident in who you are and trust your intuition, you can take your next steps in full knowing that


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  • Pay in Full

    And begin your journey to becoming a more Conscious Empath
    Valid for 3 months
  • Pay in Installments

    Every month
    Make it easier to begin your Soul Mentorship today
    Valid for 3 months

Begin your Soul Journey now

Are you ready to feel...

  • Clarity on your next steps in life and confident that you deserve to take them?

  • Calm, content and grounded in your body and trusting of your intuition?

  • Connected to your inner strength and confident in setting healthy boundaries?

  • Worthy of being seen, heard and understood in your life and relationships?

  • Deeply connected to your self-worth and ability to receive an abundant life?

  • Trusting of your voice, ability to speak up and show up in your authentic self?

  • Like you are worthy of community, true friendships and respect?



With Soul Mentorship, you will receive:

  • 12 Weekly Online Sessions - $3000 value

  • Email support between calls - $600 value

  • A 15 minute mini-reading to begin each session - $300 value

  • 3, 30 minute Distance Reiki Sessions - $200 value

  • 4, 10 minute movement practices - $80 value

  • Next steps and journalling prompts following each session - $300 value

  • Recorded meditation to fit your needs - $50 value

  • Bonus: Access to Sunday’s Soul Medicine - $60 value

Total Value of the program $4590.00

Mentorship Payment
  • What should I expect during a Reiki Session?
    During a Reiki Session you will be invited to lay on a massage table, fully clothed and allow yourself to rest. I will lay my hands on your joints, head and over your organs to promote healing. You can expect to feel very relaxed - there is nothing that you need to do. Most people will drift off into a deep state of relaxation but still be fully present to what is happening throughout the session. You may feel warmth or cool, tingling or a flow of energy in your body, all which are very pleasant. It is possible that behind your eyes you see light, or various colours. Everyone has their own experience, but most typically deep rest and relaxation are the commonly felt during and after, a feeling of lightness or a shift in outlook or energy levels following.
  • Can I receive Reiki along with medical treatment?
    Yes, there are centres which offer Reiki in addition to cancer treatment for instance. Because Reiki is energetic and not a medication or supplement, it will only amplify the effectiveness of the treatment. Often too, when you can get your busy mind, worries and stress out of the way and deeply rest, that is when your body can go to work and do what it is meant to do - heal and repair.
  • How can a Tarot reading help me?
    A tarot reading is like a reflection of your current situation, whether that be personal, about your relationships or work situations as a few examples. And as life happens, we experience challenges or hurdles that we have to overcome, or sometimes we know we need to change, but we just feel stuck. A reading helps you to see your situation, challenges or 'stickiness' from a larger scope. You can see what you are not seeing, you can see what IS working and what steps you might need to take next. It brings you confirmation or clarity on how to move forward in your any aspect. What I love most is the conversations it opens up, as often it brings up what NEEDS to be seen and expressed. You will walk away with greater understanding.
  • What is Reiki?
    Reiki is a hands-on healing modality that originated in Japan. The Reiki Practitioner accesses the Universal Life Force Energy, which is all around us to heal the mind, body and spirit. The treatment is very gentle and non-evasive. Most people report feeling warmth, tingling or energy moving in their body. Typically following a session you will calm and much lighter.
  • Are there any side effects from Reiki?
    Most commonly, you will only feel better and lighter. It can help break through the heavy and dark of depression, it can calm and soothe anxiety or help shift circumstances in your life. However, if your body has a lot to release physically or emotionally it is possible to feel sleepy like you need more rest or slightly more emotional if there were unconscious emotions that needed to come to the surface to be felt. As Reiki is very gentle, it will only move and release what you are ready for.
  • Does Tarot predict the future?
    Tarot can bring you future possibilities, but I mostly read in a way to show you what is happening in your current situation. The thing about reading the future, whether that be through Tarot or an intuitive or psychic reading, you need to know that the future is very changeable. There are many possibilities and the future can change based on the decisions and choices you make now. So while I may show you a future possibility or outcome, that is never set in stone. I like to focus on showing you a bigger picture of your present, so you can make what you aren't seeing more conscious.
  • How can I expect to feel after a session?
    Following a session you may feel a little bit sleepy when you first get up, just like you would waking up from a nap or after a massage. After getting up, most people notice a shift in their overall energy levels, they feel like they are no longer so tense in their body or carrying so much stress. The energy will continue to work in the days following, and sometimes without doing anything situations will resolve or you will have more clarity around challenges. It's important to rest if you can following a session to allow the energy to integrate. It's a good idea drink lots of water after to keep yourself grounded and help clear any energy that has been released.
  • What if I want to cancel the membership?
    There is a three month minimum commitment when you sign up. After that, you can cancel your membership. Just send me an email and I will help you with that process. Do keep in mind however that the $44 is the founding members price. So, if you decide to re-join the membership at another time, it will likely be at a higher price point.
  • What if I don't use the membership?
    That is very possible, but the membership is about making yourself a priority and having the tools at your fingertips that help you to tune in through meditation, journaling and movement practices that will help you shift the way you want to feel. So, I suggest you schedule time each week or month to tune in and practice making you an important focus in YOUR life. If after three months you find that you are not using the membership and it is no benefit to you, you can cancel at any time. I will mention, that as a founding member you will not receive this price if you wish to re-join at a later date.
  • Do I need to be a part of the community? Can I do things at my own pace?
    You can participate as little or as much as you wish in the community. There is a community page to chat and share your experiences. While this may not be something that you are immediately attracted to, it is hugely beneficial. Often when we face a challenge, have an 'aha' moment its easy to feel like you're alone. With the group, you will be able to form connections with other women who are just like you (meaning they understand your struggles or sensitivity). They have likely had similar experiences and can share their wisdom, or they are just there to celebrate with you when something great happens. So how much you engage is up to you, but healing that fear or being supported by other women is so beautiful and powerful.
  • Do I need to join the classes live? Will there be recordings?
    Absolutely not. Much of the content will be pre-recorded. The card pull and journal questions you received at the beginning of each month, will be pre-recorded and sent directly to your email. The movement practices are recorded ahead of time and available for you at any time. Most will be short and sweet so they can fit into your busy schedule. The two Soul Medicine sessions will be recorded BUT it is best if you can attend live, as the information and readings I share are based on who is in attendance. So, while you can watch the recordings, they will be more impactful live.
  • Can I contact you in-between our meetings?
    Yes, having access to me is part of this work. You will have access to me through email between our sessions because let's face it, stuff comes up and you might have challenges or important questions. I am available between regular hours and am typically pretty quick to respond. However, please be patient as I also have other clients and responsibilities.
  • Does Distant Reiki really work and what should I expect?
    There are two Distance Reiki sessions within the mentorship for you. One will be right at the beginning of our sessions, so as we begin this journey together you can begin with clearer energy. And, a second will be in the middle of our sessions to give your energy a reboot. You will likely know when this is needed. And yes, distance Reiki really does work! Energy is everywhere and it is not limited to time and space! I have done sessions for people as far as the UK, Philippines and Tasmania and they could feel warmth in their bodies, the movement of energy and in some cases experienced emotional release. You can turn your camera off and lay down. You will hear me talking you through the process and leading you through a guided journey into deeper relaxation and healing.
  • Will there be homework? What if I don't have time to complete it?
    There will be some homework each week, but it is VERY IMPORTANT homework. It will usually mean carving out as little as 10 or 20 minutes each day to tune in to you through journaling or mediation. Do you feel like you are so unimportant that you cannot give yourself that little bit of time each day? If not, then this work is NOT for you. Some weeks there may be a little bit more to do, but always remember that there will be more growth when you can give an adequate amount of you!
  • Is there a payment plan available?
    Yes! If you don't wish to pay in full, you can pay in three instalments of $644 If you feel like this work is for you, but you have some financial challenges, don't hesitate to reach out and see if we can come up with a solution for you.
  • What if I don't get the desired results?
    To be honest, you get what you put in in the case of this work. I guarantee that if you are giving yourself the adequate time to make yourself a priority, you will see change in your life, your worth and belief in yourself. The best thing to do is to book a 30 minute complimentary call with me so we both know that this work is right for you and the expectations that you have are achievable. I will be honest if I don't think this work is for you and I will do my best to suggest another practitioner or mentor that may be able to assist you on the right journey.
  • Will I have to meditate? What if I'm not good at it?
    Yes, meditation will be a component of this work as a way to get to know yourself, however I have no expectation of you being 'good at meditation' if you've never done it before. Meditation will be different day-to-day. Some days it will be blissful, some days will be challenging, some days your mind will be busy or you won't want to do it. But making it a habit is important to staying connected to what is most important - YOU. I will help you find methods and practices what will work for a walking meditation, guided or a mantra if that helps keep your mind clear.

If you want to see if we are the right fit for


Soul Mentorship

Book a 30 minute complimentary (pitch free) call so we can get to know each other and whether this program is right for you.

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