"Your reading came in a moment of indecision and feeling of stuckness and I am so glad that I received your intuitive guidance and soothing words. Those cards you pulled were straight from the divine and super powerful messages! As a matter of fact, I must say a few days after the card reading they brought more clarity to me, as if hey were meant to be understood after the storm and to know how to navigate further along my journey. To trust my true YES! And yes, I do know what that feels like when it happens. The reading resonates strongly. Thank you for your gentle and comforting energy. I could feel your genuine care."

- Magali Van Ballaer, Belgium

"I had an oracle reading and distant Reiki healing session with

Ashley. She provides a safe healing place, her voice was calming and reassuring. She informed me of my present situation and challenges. Later she offered guidance on how to go by with my current situation. She was able to bring out areas of myself that I was not aware of, but need to work on. Days after, that mere awareness made things move in my life. Truly amazing! I felt intense energy during the distant Reiki session. The heaviness I initially felt, lightened. Energy in my body moved smoothly. I slept so well that night. Thank you Ashley! I highly recommend her! I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with her!

- Cristina Sioson-Magat, Philippines

"Hi Ashley, Thanks so much for the synopsis, it really helped clarify everything. I slept horrible last night which was interesting because the rest of my day was so incredibly peaceful. Today I had the best day. Something shifted deep inside of me and I feel so much peace. I truly feel so happy and grateful for this gigantic shift. This is something I have been working on for awhile...thank you...I am so happy to have this sense of peace."

- Sherry Minniti D'Elia, USA

My session with Ashely was so grounding and nurturing, it was exactly what I needed on the day we had our call. Her energy is kind yet honest, she’s very personal and easy to relate to. As she pulled the cards, Ashley intuitively told me the words I needed to hear with some very clever analogies, to give myself permission to slow down and rest. I left our session feeling lighter and calmer than I had in a few days. I highly recommend booking a session - thank you, Ashley!

- Maia Thomlinson, Montreal

"Just had a wonderful session with Ashley, at a time when I needed some guidance and support in my life. Everything that came up in the reading was so accurate and resonated with me at a deep level. The Reiki was very powerful and I could feel the energy moving through my body. I left the session feeling very energized and positive. Ashley was very calm and supportive throughout the session and really felt she was tuned into was going on for me. I can highly recommend working with Ashley - she is very intuitive and skilled in both the readings and the Reiki." 


- Lynne C. England, UK

"Ashley immediately set me at ease with her warm smile and energy. The reading was so accurate and she was completely in tune with what was going on in my life currently! I’ve never received Reiki, but I could feel movement and shift, sensations in certain places and even experienced an emotional release. Thanks so much Ashley for your warmth and this wonderful healing experience. I am sure the effects will continue to unfold in the days to come."

 - Farah Asif. Paris, France

"Thanks for the lovely session and followup synopsis of the cards. I have been navigating a lot this past week & simultaneously have felt aligned to deeper reserves within me that are re-creating new strengths. I am taking more compassionate care of my well-being & owning my value on deeper levels & making new choices in my abundant life that is gathering new vital energies: YAY me! Slow consistent work does pay off."


- Stephanie Honey, Australia

"Thank you, Ashley, for the online card reading and Reiki energy healing. I haven't received an online reading and healing of this nature before and it was just as valuable as a face to face exchange. Your intuition is spot on and the cards you pulled in the session were an accurate representation of where I am at at the moment and your guidance was well received. You have a calm and thoughtful nature and this was felt in the session, which online is wonderful. I enjoyed the card reading feedback following the session for me to access at any time I wish."

- Karen De Souza, Malta

"I received an intuitive reading with reiki session from Ashley. I found her warm connected and fully present. She picked up on several things that were going on for me right away. Based on the reading she then gave me a tailored reiki session over zoom. I could feel her rebalancing the elements and soothing my energy to a restorative place. At the end I felt “held” and cared for. My nervous system had settled and I felt refreshed. Ashley then sent me the reading to reflect on. I would highly recommend this restorative experience."

- Tracey McKinney, Ontario

"After the treatment I'm feeling amazing. Totally different than before the treatment. I slept really well last night and I think I realized my biggest issue was that I wasn't grounded. So thank you." 

- Jenny Arndt, Ontario