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 So, Now What!? 

 Learn to find your voice, get confident,
 and let yourself be seen 

 (Not for who you 'should' be,
 but for who you really are.)

So you've done your training and spent a year or two teaching the typical practices, but you know in your gut that it is time to share something more. 

Whether you have a plethora of unused certifications in your back pocket, or not, I guarantee that you have something unique to offer. 

What if you could offer all the richness of your personal journey, combine your other modalities, and create an entirely new kind of experience

(that no one else can copy because it’s created by you).

Are you ready to step out of the yoga teacher mold and do things differently?

Hi, I’m Ashley.


I want to help you develop your in-studio or online presence, build your confidence and find your unique voice as a yoga teacher and help you create offerings unique to you!


I’ve been teaching yoga for over 10 years, from Toronto to Niagara and have over 750 hours of training. However, navigating this industry wasn’t always easy for me for an introverted and empathic person. Trying to be what everyone wanted me to be lead me into exhaustion and burnout. 


But, I also know how much courage it takes to be seen, to be vulnerable and to put yourself out there. (Self-worth, self-sabotage and depression are things I am so familiar with and have had to overcome.)

When I began to create offerings from the heart, rather than be who I thought I 'should' be, it became a lot easier!



 The truth is you really do want to be seen and celebrated for teaching and sharing your wisdom!  You know in your heart and in your gut that you have something to share and it IS valuable. You’ve done the training, you probably have a few other certifications in your back pocket and a whole lot of life experience to rely on. You’ve made your own life better and sharing what you know will help others too! 


It can be difficult to make things happen when you are working a full time  job, have a family and regular life on the go. And well, this year hasn't been a walk in the park for anyone either. 


So, how do you even make that first step? (What IS your first step for that matter?)


Is it possible to transition from your career or regular teaching schedule into doing more of what you love? 

You’ve looked into other coaching and business programs, but they tell you to ‘just do it’. They don’t understand your sensitivity and that you just don’t work that way. 

There will be lots of opinions of what you should be doing in the yoga industry, but sometimes what worked for one person, wont work for you. Not everyone has the same level of experience, of confidence, or the same vision for that matter. What you are teaching and who you are teaching to, should be unique to you. 


With over 10 years of teaching experience, I have seen it all and know what it takes to survive in the industry as an introvert and empathic person. What every instructor is also facing now is an ever changing landscape, I have a lot of insight on how to do things differently. Most of all, I will help you find your true voice, and create unique offerings that come from deep within.

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What People Say

Sue Miller

I attend Ashley's yoga classes on a regular basis. Ashley is precise in explaining poses so we can get the most benefit and feel safe. She takes time to answer questions if we want to learn more. Overall, I feel stronger and my balance is better too. What I learn class with Ashley I can carry into my everyday life. 

Ashley is a genuine person who is devoted and caring of our wellbeing. I am grateful to have Ashley on my path. 

Susan Ridge

You have taught me so much about myself - mind, body and spirit since I stepped into your first yoga class. Even on those cold, snowy days when I dragged myself out of the house to get to the yoga studio I have always felt cared for in your classes. I am so grateful for all you do and your beautiful smile you bring to your teachings. Your thoughts on Facebook and Instagram are so brave. You are truly inspiring. You are a gift to the yoga community. 

Suen Goonesekera

Ash! Thank you for being such a strong voice, an empathetic voice, for being part of laying the groundwork for others with your yoga, shifting perceptions with your writing, being a friend and a lovely woman. I'm fortunate you are in my life! Your energy, endurance, and vibe is appreciated by this woman. Cheers, you gorgeous person!

Are you ready to increase your confidence, build your (authentic) online presence and discover your true voice?

The world needs your unique and valuable offerings!

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