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January Energy Update

Happy New Year everyone! How does it feel to leave 2022 behind and embrace 2023? Are you setting New Years resolutions or setting goals for this year ahead?

I have some thoughts on resolutions or intentions for this time of year. It doesn't mean that you can't continue with your plans, but what I have to share may help you to reframe how you set those intentions.

We are still in the winter season, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, this connects to the Water Element. This element is not about action or movement. In fact, it is about embracing the deep freeze, going within and connecting with your intuition. It is meant to be a quieter time where you embrace solitude, deep rest and reflection. So when spring does come (and this is the true astrological new year), we will have the clarity, willpower and fortitude to move forward and take action. If we don't step back and go inwards, we won't get that same energetic boost in the spring.

If you are one to make resolutions and set goals, maybe take some time to consider where those goals are coming from. When you are making decisions or setting goals, are they truly for you or are they being made to please somebody else or live up to societies expectations? Often goals are set around fitness or losing weight which can be a great thing if it is truly around getting healthier and feeling good in your body. However, notice if your goal is to make your body a particular size by pushing and punishing yourself when you may really need rest.

Can you do this in a sustainable and compassionate way?

Are these goals coming from your mind, connected to what you 'should' be doing?

Or, are they coming from a deeper place - from your heart or your soul?

I find meditation helps me with this, as it allows me to listen to that quieter, more intuitive voice from within. It whispers rather than shouts so it may take some time to tune into this. So what if you took some of these darker days of winter, to listen?

As you begin to take actions on your goals or perhaps taking the time to gain more clarity, can you also take the time to release the past year? Just because it is 2023, doesn't mean that the shadows that so many of us experienced in 2022, are just 'poof' gone! If possible, keep up with your inner practices, whether movement, meditation, journaling to move the residual energy from our past year out of your body. 2022 was a challenging year for many, so give yourself that time and grace to continue to release and even have gratitude for the lessons, learning and growth they provided. As you continue to move out the old, the path forward may become so much clearer.

One of the things that stuck with me the most when I was learning about TCM philosophy was that the Water Element bolsters willpower. We often think of will and willpower coming from our ego or force, but it is also something that can be created from within, as we get to know our truest selves and our purpose in life.

What is our theme for 2023?

The Venom

There has been a lot of shadows energy from 2022, and a lot of trauma, programming and old wounds have been brought to the light. It was evident that many of these old ways weren't working and there was a deeply emotional process for many. We may not be feeling the same weight or intensity this year, but it may be more of a process around what to do with what we have learned. How do you change your mindset? How do you feel differently about a past situation or how do you learn to feel differently about yourself? Can you learn from these past situations that held you back and transform it into something more compassionate and accurate? If you are familiar with homeopathy, it uses an energetic imprint of a substance that becomes a remedy for an emotional, energetic or physical ailment. Sometimes a toxic substance would be used in this energetic state to become the remedy. So how can you take those toxic thoughts and emotions and alchemize them into something compassionate and healing? Sometimes this means holding space for your inner child, becoming your own parent or becoming the salve that you so deeply need.

For January, who do we need to be?

The Self and The Mystic

This year, 2023 is in fact a 7 year in numerology which is about soul self, spirituality and spiritual awakening. So can you go back into your inner self and find that pearl of wisdom that is within you, and let that begin to radiate showing who you really are. We have spent this past year going over our shadows, learning about all the things that were holding us back so it's important to go deeply inwards and finding that source of self that can never be harmed by any of the pain, challenge or trauma. This is about integrating the more spiritual part of yourself into your daily life. You may find yourself more attracted to spiritually based practices like meditation or energy healing. Or if those aspects are already a part of your life, it may be more about embracing yourself as a teacher or healer and showing up in the world to offer your gifts to others.

What might be holding us back this month?

Daughter of Pentacles

How are you finding your stability at this time? There might still be some instability within your emotions, your environment or your emotions if 2022 was a challenging year. You are being called to move towards more stable ground and moving towards a new way or even ground. Trust that the support will be there or the abundance is coming. Put the structures you need for yourself in place to feel safe and so you can find your own inner stability as well.

What else do we need to know?

I'm Sorry - Defencelessness, Righting past wrongs. Uprooting.

This card feels like it is more about letting go of our past, our younger years and our childhood so we can forgive those that affected our past and therefore our present. We really need to take a look at those roots and thank them, forgive them and see them as they are for all of the lessons that they provided. If we can begin to let go of those blockages that held us back or affected the life that we live today, we can begin to allow the true nourishment to flow through. Our past, our wounds and our programming created blockages within our root system, but it's time to dissolve the blocks and let the nourishment flow freely. What is it that you truly desired to receive, and can you let yourself feel that and receive that? Our roots will feel so much stronger.

I truly hope this all resonates with you, especially what came through in the reading. I feel like there was a lot of messages that I will be taking away for myself too!

As always, Readings or Reiki Sessions are available to book through my website. If you are interested I learning Reiki Level 1 & 2 this season, I will be offering more details on a more in depth and integrative program very very soon. If you don't want to miss any details, send me a message or an email and you will be among the first to know!

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