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I was Skeptical of Distance Reiki

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I have to admit, I was a skeptic. I had been a Reiki Practitioner for close to 15 years by this point, and I still questioned its benefits and if it really worked!

And, I am a believer in lots of things...

I’ve had brilliant Akashic Records readings, I’m down with Astrology, Human Design and all that good stuff too. I love Reiki and trusted in it based on what I, myself had experienced, seen with my own eyes, or felt with my own two hands…but distance Reiki!?

I wasn’t sold.

It wasn’t until the onset of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that my tune began to change. My work at the time, teaching yoga full time, was hugely affected. It was going online and it seemed that everything was following suit. I asked myself, ‘could I do this with Reiki?’

I knew so many people in my community and beyond were in dire need of healing, connection and support so I had to try.

Little did I know that the benefits would blow me away.

So what is Distance Reiki, anyway?

Reiki is a hands on healing practice that originated in Japan by Mikao Usui in the mid 1800s. It allows Universal Life Force Energy to bring a gentle balance to a person's body, mind and spirit to promote healing on all levels.

In a traditional practice, a client lays or sits down fully clothed, and the Reiki practitioner or master will lay their hands on that person or hover them just above to connect to various layers of the auric field. The client will often experience warmth, cooling or tingling sensations and often sink into a deeply restful state during a session. The energy gently helps to shift energy, remove emotional blockages, connect a person to a deeper spiritual state and even promote physical healing.

While many believe that it must be done in person to receive the full benefits, this work can be done by afar too. Energy is not limited by time or distance and it is fully possible to experience the exact same benefits. Whether in person or via distance, most will report to have more clarity, feel lighter in both mind and body. The benefits continue to integrate even after the session is completed.

How did my Distance Reiki Sessions begin?

Coincidentally (or not), I had begun my official path to become a Reiki Master one month before the initial lockdown of 2020. I had been practicing Reiki for a long time already but hadn’t felt the urge to take that next step until 2018. It was some time before the right situation and teacher aligned, but it was like somehow my soul knew that life was going to be changing.

Somehow my soul knew that life was going to be changing. Things weren’t going to be the same old, same old for much longer and I was being called to step up and BE more.

Tentatively I began offering distance Reiki sessions in the spring of 2020 on a pay-what-you-can scale. With so many people out of work at this time and not knowing what was next or when their next paycheck was coming, I wanted to be of service in the best way I could.

Without the ability to be in person, I had to put my faith in this practice and trust, trust, trust. I’ll admit, I had that thought in the back of my mind that said, “Is this really going to have the same benefit as an in-person session? At least people aren’t spending too much money on this!”.

But the benefits actually blew me away.

My sessions at the time were quite simple. I began with a short three card oracle reading using The Sacred Tree for All Seasons Tarot by one of my teachers Dany Lyne. These cards are based on TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy so I could bring insight to what was out of balance, or what emotional, mental or spiritual aspects needed to be supported.

I followed this reading up by a 45 minute distance Reiki session in which I would support the body's various meridians, or lines of energy in the body, to bring harmony throughout the system.

I witnessed emotional releases through tears (a beautiful sign that stuck emotional energy is moving), animals joining in during sessions (because they are extremely sensitive and love energy), feelings of clarity, groundedness and presence after months of fear and overwhelm.

Gradually I began to build my trust in conducting distance sessions, with the magnificent feedback from clients and truly trusting what I intuitively felt in my hands.

What to expect during a Distance Reiki Session Now?

To book a session, you would click the button below

You will be lead to my booking calendar and you pick your date and time that you would like for us to connect. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your zoom link for that date. It doesn’t matter your country or time zone.

When we connect over zoom, you can join from any comfortable place in your home or even in your yard. We begin with a combination tarot, oracle reading to reflect what is happening in your life at this time. It will bring you more clarity around your current challenges and you can begin to see what steps you are being encouraged to take.

Once we wrap up the reading and you ask any questions you may have, I encourage you to get comfortable and you can turn your video off at this point. All you need to do is relax, and if you fall asleep, that’s okay too.

I will begin to tune into your energy from afar and begin to send distance Reiki energy

I call in God, your angels, ancestors, and guides for your protection and support. I hold you in a sphere of energetic protection and you will often feel some warmth or tingling at this point.

Through the remainder of the session I will lead you through a meditative journey, encouraging you to connect your energetic roots to the earth, or connect you to your own intuition and wisdom. What I say and how I conduct the session is very unique to you and your energy. You may feel like drifting off into a restful sleep during this session, which is perfectly okay. Your body and energy know what to do, and often taking your conscious mind out of the equation is just what you need.

Following the Reiki, I will share with you any insights I may have had, or any further suggestions. You can also ask any questions or share your experience if you wish. Once we end the call, I will send you a photo of your cards as a reminder and I will include any main points that may be important for you to remember.

You will be feeling lighter and clearer in your body and mind. Often you will experience positive shifts in your life too following our work together. I recommend that you drink lots of water and take time following our session to continue to relax and allow the energy to integrate into your system. You should continue to feel even better in the coming days.

What are the Benefits of Distance Reiki?

The benefits of Reiki are vast.

Because Reiki works on multiple levels, the effects are really limitless. One can experience profound changes physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually so the effects are just not on a superficial level.

These are just a few of the outcomes you might experience following a session.

  • Finding clarity in life

  • Reduction in stress and overwhelm

  • Feeling calm, centered and grounded

  • Able to overcome current challenges

  • Discovering solutions to current challenges

  • Restoration of energetic boundaries

  • Feeling recharged after a period of burnout

  • Having more access to happiness, excitement, joy

  • Alleviating symptoms of depression or anxiety

  • Supporting physical detoxification

  • Soothing digestive issues

  • Healing from past traumas

The possibilities are really endless...

I will say that typically in my practice, I do primarily work with Empaths and Sensitives who struggle with managing their energy, setting boundaries and often carry a great deal of emotional overwhelm or trauma from their early life.

Reiki is a beautiful way to release much of the emotional overwhelm. Empaths are a bit like sponges, and even if it’s not conscious, we pick up and carry emotions and energetic charge from others around us. So even if we are in a positive place, it is very easy to feel cloudy, overwhelmed, or weighed down.

Because empaths can absorb energy so easily, Reiki is a beautiful way to take on more light, healing energy and release the heavy and stagnant emotions. It is also very helpful in beginning the process to heal and repair energetic boundaries, so while an empath will always be sensitive, there will be less ability to take on so much so easily.

This is what some clients have shared...

"Thank you, Ashley, for the online card reading and Reiki energy healing. I haven't received an online reading and healing of this nature before and it was just as valuable as a face to face exchange. Your intuition is spot on and the cards you pulled in the session were an accurate representation of where I am at at the moment and your guidance was well received. You have a calm and thoughtful nature and this was felt in the session, which online is wonderful. I enjoyed the card reading feedback following the session for me to access at any time I wish."

"I had an oracle reading and distant Reiki healing session with Ashley.

She provides a safe healing place, her voice was calming and reassuring. She informed me of my present situation and challenges. Later she offered guidance on how to go by with my current situation. She was able to bring out areas of myself that I was not aware of, but need to work on. Days after, that mere awareness made things move in my life. Truly amazing! I felt intense energy during the distant Reiki session. The heaviness I initially felt, lightened. Energy in my body moved smoothly. I slept so well that night. Thank you Ashley! I highly recommend her! I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with her!

A Recent Experience...

The other night I sent Reiki to a friend having some trouble with her back. She couldn’t get into her chiropractor because it was the weekend, so I said I would send Reiki before I went to bed.

I could feel a lot of heat around her lower back and sacrum - could tell it was sore and inflamed by the amount of heat I felt in my hands. With almost anyone I check to see if their energy is grounded through to the soles of their feet, because most often it’s not. (We humans spend so much time in our heads and are often disconnected from the rest of our body!)

My friend's left leg was highly charged. I could feel this connection strongly, and it made sense as she is very feminine and intuitive. But with her right leg and foot, there was nothing. No energy, no flow - a complete disconnect. I had no success getting the energy in that side moving, and wanted to tell her 'You need to put your foot down!', like she needed to take a stand on something in her life.

The next day she was able to get into an emergency chiropractor and he said her L5 and hips were out. The left side was firing like crazy, but the right side wasn’t.

Exactly what I had felt!

I’ve learned to trust my hands and intuition.

When I trust, I’m rarely let down.

Perhaps that is a good philosophy for life!?

So, Why Book A Distance Reiki Session?

Distance healing sessions are now my preferred choice after seeing and experiencing so many benefits. I love having the ability to connect with people anywhere in the world and support them through their personal transformations.

It is easy to feel stuck in life, when there is so much changing and shifting in our world, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

You can shift your energy, release emotions, set clearer boundaries and feel so much more certain of your next steps in life. Sometimes, however, it means asking for that help and support. You don’t have to take it all on yourself. Healing can be a beautiful journey when we have helping hands and loving community around us.

If you are looking for support and in need of an emotional or energetic shift, consider booking a distance session.

If you've made it this far, thank you for reading.

I'd love for you to leave a comment, ask any questions, or share this blog if you found it helpful.

Keep sharing the light,

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