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November Energy Update

"Density and crumbling before we create the new"

Welcome to November, my friends...we are in an incredibly dense and heavy place right now and we are being called to surrender to it. It seems that if you push it away or resist, you'll be stopped with a cold, flu or plans just not working out. I spoke about this in my last video. You can watch it here.

I spoke in previous months that there was a lot shifting, like tectonic plates that were shaking up our lives, our stability, relationships and work. But now, we are being forced to stop, stay put and sit with ourselves and everything that needs to come up -- our emotions, stories and old trauma that you may have been resisting. Some of us have been through that gauntlet over the past 4-5 months, so this might be especially overwhelming if it is coming up all at once.

Part of us experiencing this is the crumbing of the 3D world we reside in. Just as we see industry, our food system, health care, education etc, not functioning as it normally would and it seems there are unsolvable challenges, the same is happening within us. Our old trauma and programs are coming to the surface so we can release these outdated ways of being, working and relating in the world. The old systems are meant to crumble and so are our old selves. This is making space for something new to grow and emerge.

I recently discussed this with a friend, as I had taken some time away from offering Reiki training as I was moving through some of my own healing. But now that I feel that I am ready to begin again, I realize that the old way of teaching is no longer fitting for me, but the new way hasn't quite emerged. I am still in a place of wanting to honour the lineage, but wanting to create something such more true to how I practice now. The imposter syndrome certainly kicks in as we step into new work.

The energy will begin to shift, and many of us will feel it at different times. I didn't want to call it Kundalini, but I see it as a spiral moving up our physical and energetic bodies from the earth. It will be more feminine in energy, and will continue to force us to release and purge. It feel like it may create some 'ascension symptoms' as it moves through. While this may at times look like cold, flus or other typical symptoms, remember that the only ways our physical bodies can release density is through our emotions, movement or 'illness'.

Even though it may not feel like you have moved forward as much as you would have liked, or are frustrated with this stand-still, look back over the last year to two and look at how much has changed. I know many people who have changed so much in the past while that they are done with their jobs, their relationships or how they have been showing up in the world. But in many cases, the next step or the final destination has not been revealed yet, so stay in a place of trust.

Energy Archaeology Deck: Protection - True Ribs, Vulnerability - Sternum

The first card of Protection invites us to look at what we may need to protect ourselves from, whether that be other people, energy or even our own thoughts? But on the other hand are we trying to protect ourselves from the emotions or old ways of being that need to come up to be seen, felt and healed? Observe what those boundaries are and what it is that you need to allow to flow through you.

The second card of Vulnerability, is also part of the ribcage, the sternum and connects to our ability to be vulnerable. Are you allowing your truth and your true self to be seen and heard? When you allow more of your emotions to come through you, can you be more vulnerable to share your feelings and emotions with someone you trust? Sometimes we have to be gentle with ourselves and know we are still safe to express what 'weighs on our heart'.

Sacred Tree for All Seasons Deck: Spirit of Water - Mental Harmony

This card is encouraging us to pay attention to our thoughts as we go through this intense period. Even though we may be exhausted, frustrated and a lot uncertain at this point in time, can you allow your mind to be at a place of peace and contentment? Easier said than done, I know, but sometimes you have to let your mind rest and try to stop figuring it out. Notice when thoughts come up that create more fear, anxiety and overwhelm. Do your best to sink into your body, your breath, your heart and trust what is coming for you.

The Starseed Oracle Deck: Big Picture Thinking - Pleiades Energy. Visionary. Inspired Ideas.

This card is asking us to think big. This is a card that is asking us to pave the way for The New Earth. As we are forced to be a bit more still, quiet and reflective, we can also allow ourselves to let go of the idea that things have to be the same way they have always been. Let the old ways of doing, being and relating go, and imagine something bigger, more harmonious and something that has never been done before. However, I feel like although we might be able to dream up something big, the steps to create that dream in reality may not happen for some time. There is still a great deal that needs to change first. But, I feel like as you get excited about this new idea, it can shift your energy and frequency and will align you with the like-minded people and support that you need.

Whew, that was a lot this month. Thank you for continuing to tune into these messages.

I'd love for you to let me know what you'd want most in coming months. I have a few ideas and visions of my own, but I'd love to know what would make the biggest difference for you.

What Would you Most Like to Receive Each Month?

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You can vote for more than one answer.

As per usual, please book a session with me or someone else that you trust if you are struggling during this time. It can be a lot to move through and there are so many therapists and practitioners out there wanting to help.

My Intuitive Readings are much the same, but My Energy Healing Sessions are shifting. While there has always been a focus on grounding, I have been working with integrating the inner child/fragmented (lost) parts of yourself and assisting you in letting go of old/outdated programming that is holding you back.

Keep Shining Your Light,

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