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February Energy Update

I've been sitting with February - what is coming through for us. All I feel is yet another void. I don't know if that is something that is happening within me, or if this is happening on a collective level.

All I can say is pay attention to what is coming in this month. Often, we want to embrace the easy, comfortable and familiar, but I feel this month there will be opportunities, relationships, and connections that are going to be coming in to grow us and challenge our boundaries and comfort zones.

Notice the people, places and things that catch your attention but may not fit your typical social circle or preferred job description. Notice if you immediately push them away and think, 'that's not for me'. Take a moment to consider why this potential opportunity is coming across your path, and how it may have the capability to show you a different way.

You may have to sit with a little bit more discomfort than what you prefer, but do your best to observe your thoughts and emotions around this particular situation.

When I sat down, I had this image of a pool of water or a shallow pond with all of these bubbles moving to the surface. Each bubble represents an emotion, past event, or past trauma that needs to be seen and acknowledged as it rises to the surface. I don't feel like this is going to be like last year in 2022 when many of us went through months of darkness. Rather this will just be about observing the residue rising and having compassion for yourself as it passes.

If you do feel the presence of these uncomfortable emotions rising to the surface, ask yourself, 'Am I trying to push these feelings away?'. What emotion, feeling or sensation am I trying to avoid? Is it anger? Is it fear of the unknown? Is it grief? Can you name what you're experiencing? Uncomfortable experiences aren't always bad, often we avoid them or push them down because they are unfamiliar.

Inner child work for example can be incredibly uncomfortable, but it is also healthy growth. If you weren't ever allowed or given the space to really BE a CHILD, play, silliness, excitement and joy can feel incredibly uncomfortable. It may even bring about a freeze state because you don't know how to act, what to do or what to say.

I do feel like there is a new self-identity and heart opening happening for some. It may present itself energetically as some discomfort between the solar plexus and heart centre. (I must note that this is a different feeling than heartburn or physical heart pain, so please use your discretion). BUT, I feel like I am saying the same thing again and again, this new self-identity will only be birthed through the discomfort.

I shared a little bit about a new relationship that has come into my life. It is a lot of really good things, specifically safe, stable, loving and supportive. It is perhaps the first time I feel like I haven't had to fix or chase someone to a certain degree, but it still brings up a lot for me around my ability or worthiness to receive. It also challenges my need to run away from roots, family and my own stability as travel and escapism has been much more familiar than staying in one place and facing what is right in front of me.

And, if you are feeling like you aren't growing or you aren't seeing a lot of change externally, tune in for a moment with yourself. Often, there is a great deal of internal growth that we haven't given ourselves enough credit for. And growth, transformation and moving past our often self-imposed obstacles is always something to celebrate.

Reading for the Collective

The Fish (Animal Spirit) and Eight of Wands (The Wild Unknown)

The fish made me think of that shallow pool or pond that I was envisioning. Fish can represent water or especially Pieces energy that is emotional and dreamy, so we may be called to look at what is in the depths. Can you shine a light into it so you can see more clearly? The moon is also present, so this represents the feminine. This is not work that we are meant to be doing outside of ourselves, but rather going deep deep within. Try not to force this process, but rather let the emotions and answers bubble up from the depths. Let it be soft, let yourself move with the currents.

There may be something that comes in quite suddenly, but try not to react quite so quickly. Can you let yourself feel it and observe it before you make a decision? Can you let yourself go into a dream-like state and dream about what the potentials and possibilities may be instead of shutting the door prematurely?

Earthed: Learning how to be human. In the world, but not of it (Starseeds Oracle)

I pulled this card at a workshop I taught recently and it reminded me of something I said about the quality of water. It reminded me of those times that you would let yourself stink down to the bottom of a pool or a body of water and its quiet and peaceful. You feel like you are in another world. This card is asking you to rely on both your human self, but also your other senses. So when a situation arises, see if you can notice your reactions, but also see if you can hear the quiet whisper of your intuition, or your deep belly instincts. This is about noticing the difference between the voice of your ego that is loud and wants to keep you safe, verses the quiet whisper that is underneath all of that noise.

The Eight of Wands speaks here too as there is potential for something new or a timeline shift. You may feel immediately like it is taking you off course or what is presented to you isn't the right option, but give it time. Listen to the whispers. Sometimes what may seem to be taking you off your path is actually realigning you with what is meant for you.

Sometimes the easiest path isn't what grows you, and perhaps you are meant for more.

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