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Do you Protect Yourself from Showing Your True Identity?

If you watched or read my posts about Collective Energies or my November Energy Update you'll know that there is a lot of heavy energy that many of us are moving through. Reading or watching this most may be helpful if you are moving through stories and emotions that are connected to your past.

In the November Energy Update specifically, I pulled two cards that were relevant to what we as a collective need to understand and move through. I pulled the cards Protection - True Ribs, and Vulnerability - Sternum.

I found this interesting because these bones are connected, and it made me ask the following questions...

Who in your life are you protecting yourself from?

Are you protecting yourself from experiencing your true emotions and feelings?


Do you feel safe to be vulnerable and express your true feelings?

But I was called to look deeper into this, especially when it came to the Sternum Bone. It is a protective bone, but in it's location, it's not quite protecting our physical heart. It actually protects our Thymus Gland.

So in my usual way, I was curious of the energetic and emotional connections to the sternum bone. Physically it is most active in our childhood and teen years, creating T-lymphocytes that become an important part of our immune system. Okay, but what else?

I discovered that the emotional and energetic connections to our Thymus is all about our true identity. This was especially interesting because it is most active in our childhood and teen years when we are in our most formative years and figuring out who we really are.

It is during theses formative years, especially the first 7-9 that we set the foundation for our personality, level of safety, our identity, what beliefs we have about ourselves and how honestly and confidently we show up in the world. So if you identify as an Empath or Sensitive it's likely you never truly formed your own identity and it became based on how well you could defuse situations, be quiet, well-behaved, or too independent from a young age.

So, if we go back to the sternum bone and how it protects the thymus gland, you can understand how it connects to our ability to be vulnerable. If we hold onto emotions, our guilt, our shame or can't approve of who we are from the inside, we will continue to hide a great majority of ourselves from the outside world. We deem ourselves unacceptable.

What is also interesting, and I mentioned this in the video, is that all the meridian lines in the body, come together right at the chest, close to the sternum bone. And these energy lines can generally represent our ability to tap in or trust our own intuition, how aligned we are with our purpose in the world, our ability to belong, to learn and grow, and how well we can let go of our past.


If what I say resonates with you, I suggest moving through the 15 minute meditation in my video at 6:13 or listen to the audio version below.

It will allow you to tune into your inner child before you lost your true identity, and help you bring forward your full expression and the truth of who you really are.

If you enjoyed this, you can find more of my meditations on YouTube.

Thank you, and keep holding the light!

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