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December Energy Update

Finding the Light, Authenticity and Reimaginging the Future

I feel like I introduced December with a big's a lot right now.

The energy is very heavy for most, and we really haven't had any sort of energetic reprieve of lightness that I was alluding to in previous months or hoping for. Instead we have been bombarded with dense, heavy energy.

If by chance you are happy and thriving right now, stay in that energy and hold that light for the rest of us, but it seems so many are struggling. It is not easy to find your way out and know what's next or how to navigate through the fatigue and emotions, so tread lightly.

So, first off...Where is the light?

It feels like everything is heavy and it is difficult to find the moments of lightness. So consider how you can find the light in the tiny moments? Whether it be a moment with your child, with a stranger in line or being out in nature, be present enough to notice the joy or at the very least, when you are at peace.

When I look out into the world and feel into the energies right now it is like a deep collective purge and this hits us personally too. It is difficult to know what is next and if you are sensitive, this challenge is amplified as you feel both your own and the collective intensity. Do your best to be compassionate and authentic with what you are experiencing at this time because it seems everyone I know is experiencing all of this in some way.

Secondly, do your best to pull your energy back home to yourself.

There is so much information and so much chaos and fear in the world right now that it can add to the overwhelm. As much as it can be good to stay up to date with what is happening, it is easy to bleed emotionally and energetically exhaust yourself. It's easy to get caught up in the need to be compassionate, worried or grieving for a certain situation, but it's important to be able to bring that compassion home to you too. It's okay to turn off the news or put down your phone. If you can tend to yourself, and get back to that point of feeling centred and stable, sure, reach back out. But please do not feel guilty for setting those boundaries and putting you first. We are still in need of deep, deep rest.

I explained in my last video titled, 'Lessons from Eclipse Season', that I was often pulled between the need for rest and the need for productivity. I felt that I have had so much time for rest as my work was largely affected over the past few years, so I felt guilty if I took more time. However, because I often didn't allow myself the rest that I needed, I would in turn not be at all productive. So truly, I would have been much better off to rest fully, then go back to productivity when I felt inspired and energetically restored. Also, if you are sensitive or empathic, you WILL NEED more rest than most...just saying...

Can we do things differently? Culturally we are programmed to be 'fine', or 'good', but so often that is not an honest response. I have seen the affects of this from being in the yoga industry for many years. There is often this expectation to be positive, 'high vibe' or to put on the facade your are perfect and fully healed, which often couldn't be further from the truth - everyone has ups and downs or challenges. It can also be detrimental to put on this facade, because it doesn't give others permission to show up as they really are. It can create more shame or guilt and perpetuates repressing emotions if there isn't space for authentic feelings. Can we all take down the 'spiritual' and 'I'm fully healed' facade and just be human?

Be in awareness that many are processing a lot, and try your best to be more patient. Often the people that are the quickest to react or become angry are the ones that are dealing with the most. They have reached their emotional capacity and that one small thing sets them off. Remember that even underneath anger is often deep, deep hurt. So if someone is excessively reactive, instead of placing more blame, perhaps consider why they may be feeling that way or acting that way.

Last thing..if you feel like you can't see or navigate your way forward, perhaps try a different way. Try to pull your energy and attention back within yourself to imagine a new way forward. It seems like the time of pushing your way through, forcing things to happen, or hustling your way to more success just aren't working (at least for some of us). So if you tune into your deepest self, maybe you can imagine a new way forward, a new path that you never considered that brings more joy. When you can find that new feeling and vision, you will vibrationally begin to attract and call in something different. I think manifestation work is how we will be creating our path and purpose going forward.

5 of Wands and The Hermit

There is a little bit of confusion around what is next or what path to choose. However The Hermit encourages us to go within, to pull back and have the opportunity to condsider the best option or way forward before acting. Take your time to consider the possibilities and consider how the various options actually feel in your body. Give yourself the grace you need. You are not running out of time.

All Paths Lead Home: Inner Authority. Intuition. Turn your gaze within.

Pull your energy back home to yourself. Remembering that you are human, but also spirit and you can trust that inner voice or intuition. This only further amplifies The Hermit card and the need to go within and listen. Trust yourself, intuition and gut feelings above all else. This inner space is where we can begin to reimagine what we want for ourselves. I also think of that saying, that if you don't feel like you belong in this world, you are here to create a new one. That visionary energy is very much coming through here.

Box of Emotions: Love

Love is an emotion that we need to cultivate in our lives and not necessarily in the form of romantic relationships. Notice when grief, worry or old stories begin to trickle in, and see if you can allow yourself to go back to love. Can you hold compassion for yourself an others? Can you do more of what you love to do? Can you love yourself? Maybe refill your heart cup and feel like you can be an example of love rather than feeling like you need to give it all away.

Please let me know how you are doing. Even if you don't wish to work with me, just touch base and let me know how life is happening for you.

Happy Holidays! Keep being the light!

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