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Here is a secret. You already ARE intuitive!

(If you have found your way here, its likely that you already have natural intuitive gifts.)


You're problem is not learning to BE intuitive, but learning about how it moves through you and most importantly, how to trust it (without second guessing yourself, of course)

It's likely somewhere in your life, someone you deeply trusted discredited your natural intuitive abilities and you began to question, second guess and let your mind override your natural 'knowing-ness'.

Do you want to trust your intuition with confidence and awaken your purpose?

You will learn...

  • where you are blocked and break through trauma that keeps you stuck

  • How your body and unique intuitive voice speaks to you, so you can trust it

  • To read energy and your unique patterning so you can shift your energetic state

  • The basics of learning Tarot and the importance of reading intuitively. 

  • 2 more techniques to support your knowing and deepening your intuitive understanding.

Often, it is not about learning HOW to be intuitive, but quiet the noise so you can listen and trust that you are enough.

I’m Ashley. A Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Card Reader and Empath


I'll let you in on some insight...(shhhh, it's a secret)

When I do Reiki sessions, readings for clients or give energy updates during my online Soul Medicine sessions...are you ready for this...I have no idea if I'm correct.

But, never has my intuition has never steered me wrong! 

I had to practice and learn to trust my observations, my gut, and my inner knowing. I had to overcome my feelings of not being enough or that my gifts didn't measure up to someone elses.

We all have intuitive gifts and I can teach you how to embrace yours with confidence!


This Intuitive Soul course will help you:


  • To stop doubting yourself and embrace your intuition

  • To calm the overwhelm and trust that you know your next steps

  • To stop pleasing everyone else and put your energy and needs first

  • To let go of feeling lost, and that you can intuitively guide your life

  • Learn to love yourself, your intuition and set sacred boundaries


Your intuition is always sending you signs, messages and gentle nudges (or sometimes not so gentle) and you are ready to trust their messages.

Deep down you know more is possible, and you are ready to discover your gifts that are waiting for you. 

You are ready to develop the skills, trust and relationship with your intuition so you can be confident and live an inspired and intuitively lead life. 


Embracing your intuition will enhance your life, moving from uncertainty to trusting in your own magic.


It's time to let your light and your gifts shine. 


Sign-up for one session or Register for them all.

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