Embrace Your Sensitivity

Trust Your Intuition and 

Step into Your Empathic Power

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I know you are tired of taking on other people's emotions as if they were your own - it’s draining and overwhelming - and you wish you could just let them go somehow. 


Nobody else understands why you feel so much or why you are so tired all the time. You want to help people, (and you have most of your life), but you know that always giving so much of yourself comes at a cost. You isolate and hide just to cope sometimes - it makes you feel like you are missing out on life. 


You know you want to feel different, not so much like an emotional sponge, but nothing has really helped you feel like you can put emotional or energetic boundaries in place or speak up for yourself. 


You can only fake it till you make it for so long. 


It’s time to stop judging yourself for feeling so different 


Wouldn’t it feel awesome to embrace your sensitivity as a strength rather than a weakness?


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I spent my life being too sensitive, feeling drained by certain people or crowds and often got walked all over. I was the listener and the therapist, but it seemed nobody could see that I was hurting, and at times, I needed help. I neglected my needs and suppressed my own emotions because I never felt like I was important. At times I even felt purposeless, alone and depressed. 


It wasn’t until I began to understand the nervous system, get comfortable with a whole spectrum of emotions and do the deeper work on myself that I was able to feel like I was finally in charge of my own emotions and life.

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