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Are You Feeling the Collective Energies, or is it Your Stuff!?

My thoughts on our transition through the New Moon in Scorpio

So, I wanted to share something really important if you are an Empath, Sensitive, Starseed, Lightworker...or whatever label or definition you want to use.

There is a big difference between experiencing the 'collective energies' and experiencing 'your stuff'. I say this because there is a difference between how we move through and process these moments.

This New Moon in Scorpio that occurred just a few days ago (paired with a lunar eclipse) is bringing some big energy. Almost everyone I talk to (myself included) is exhausted, having to face a lot of old sticky emotions or are going through some major life changes. It's a lot.

Now, if I was the only one experiencing these emotions, 'symptoms', and there was a specific story attached to what I was feeling and experiencing, I would know it was mine. I would journal, meditate, do a movement/yoga practice or spend some time outdoors to help move some of the stuck emotions and shift my energy.

That's not what's happening with this New Moon, and it feels like the more you push and try to keep going, the migraines, colds or overwhelming fatigue have seemed to put us all in our place and force us to stay still. Sometimes it's not about pushing the experience away and just letting your body rest, be in stillness and let the energies move though.

I pulled a card in the video that just affirmed that slowing down, resting, spending time in nature is exactly what we need.

It can take a lot of energy for our human bodies to integrate the astrological energies that are moving through. The frequencies and energy of the earth can change too. If you are sensitive, you may want to stay up to date on the main Astrological Events and ever changing Schumann Resonance. I am not an astrologer or an expert in frequencies, but staying updated has allowed me to know what type of energy, life events or emotions may be moving through....and sometimes it's just my own stuff.

If you are reading this and can relate, you are likely processing and transmuting a lot more energy than you are aware. So you may be coming through the intensity of the last week or so, but if not, give yourself the space to rest.

If you need some guidance to navigate your way through this period, don't hesitate to book a session with me. These are my online sessions, but you can book with me in person by sending me an email at

Keep Holding the Light,

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