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New Moon in Leo - Energy Update

Hello Beautiful Humans,

I wanted to provide an Energy Update for the New Moon in Leo which lands on Thursday July 28th or depending on where you are in the world.

This has been a strange summer for many of us. Myself and several other women that I know have been retreating, resting and restoring rather than the fast, busy, social, action packed summers we are used to. I needed time to step away from too much social media or socializing as a lot come up over the recent weeks. Old stories and wounds were rising to the surface to be seen, healed and integrated on a new level. Our inner work is truly never done.

I do feel like with this new moon and this new cycle we will be moving into some better feeling energy if you too have been feeling emotional or energetically heavy.

What Energy do we Need to Embrace for this New Moon?

The King, 'The Wild Unknown Archetypes'

While The King is an inherently masculine card, it doesn't mean that we need to step out of our soft, feminine energy.

This is how I interpret this card: The King is about setting boundaries. He wouldn't be out

fist-bumping and socializing with everyone in his kingdom. He likely would have a few trusted advisors and be seen only when necessary - there is work to be done, decisions to be made, and a kingdom to reside over.

So consider the strength of your boundaries at the moment.

  • Who or what are you giving your precious time and energy to?

  • Who do you enjoy, feel good to be around? When are you most yourself?

  • Is there anyone that is draining you or taking up your precious resources?

It is time to limit your exposure to certain people or environments, or choose to clear them from your life completely if necessary.

Boundaries are something that you can embody or visualize too. I see boundaries or a strong masculine energy like a tree. Visualize yourself planting your roots down into the earth beneath you, bringing stability. And your boundaries, whether you see that as your skin or an energetic boundary outside of your physical body is like the bark of the tree. It holds and contains your soft, fluid, feminine energy. It allows nourishment to move from the earth to the branches rather than spilling out. It also protects your soft inner core from pests and outside influences or harm.

What will you let in and what no longer feels good, safe, nourishing to your body, mind and emotions?

What Else do we Need to Know this New Moon?

Four of Cups by, 'The Wild Unknown' and Spirit of Water - Explosive Mental Disharmony, 'Sacred Tree for All Seasons'

We have Four of Cups signifying that there may still be some heavy emotions upon us, but I feel like for many, this will be passing if it hasn't already. If you have a difficult time expressing or moving through more challenging emotions, perhaps try writing (without editing) followed by a honouring those feelings with a burning ceremony to assist you in letting go.

Next is Spirit of Water - Explosive Mental Disharmony, which signifies that out mind and thoughts are also affecting our emotions or how we feel about ourselves. The element of water, when it is in harmony signifies peace, calm and tranquility, so this is indicative of mental overwhelm, spinning thoughts or a negative mindset.

So what I am also called to ask, is what comes first?

  • Do your emotions or feelings about work, a relationship or yourself begin to corrode your ability to think positively?

  • Or, does your mind automatically begin to catastrophize and see only the worst possible outcome, which then affects your emotional state?

Considering the previous card, The King, it may be time to set some internal boundaries with yourself. Can you be in awareness of your feelings and let them move through you without them affecting your mindset? Or can you notice your thoughts before you begin to think and imagine an outcome based on ego or fear?

When you can observe this pattern, you have the ability to create a new way of thinking, feeling or creating a new way to process your experiences more effectively.

How Can We Best Integrate These Changes in Our Body?

Capacity: Thoracic Spine, 'Energy Archaeology'

This card is asking for us to increase our capacity. So physically, breathwork may be very supportive at this time. Taking deeper breaths expands the ribcage around the thoracic spine and allows us to create and take up more space. When we are spacious and present, we may also have the ability to hold, sit with or move challenging emotions through us. Our breath is also an invitation to take in new oxygen and energy, and release what is old or stagnant.

Increasing our capacity can also relate to our capacity to feel discomfort. When we begin to make changes or set new boundaries, it gets uncomfortable. If you have to say no, or limit the amount of time spent with certain people, you may experience guilt or feel unworthy of asking for what you need. So it means that we need to increase our capacity to sit with those uncomfortable situations without giving in to the people-pleasing or habit of over-giving.

This is a lot to take in, but it is creating awareness for a new way forward, honouring and choosing to take care of you first.

Let me know how this sits with you.

If you are in need of some support or assistance to move through these potentially challenging times, please reach out and consider booking a Reading or Reading & Reiki Session.

Keep sharing your light,

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