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October Energy Update

I actually wrote 'September' in the title at first because I can't believe it's OCTOBER!

How are you? What did September bring for you?

I feel like we are still going through this process of change, and that is likely going to continue for some time. I spoke about the shifting of tectonic plates back in August I believe and we are still seeing that play out. However, you may have a bit more clarity on where you are shifting or where you are going to land. We have the opportunity in all this change to make this energy of uncertainty more familiar. I don't feel like we will ever experience the same sense of stability we have been used to in the past where there have been many years or long stretches of time where things stay grounded or the same. Our challenge is to feel grounded and safe in ourself while the world continues to move in its chaotic dance.

That being said, this month should bring some lightness which is a nice change from the heaviness and shadows rising to the surface over the past few months. There will likely still feel like there is residue if you have been actively working on alchemising and working on supporting yourself through these challenging times. If not, you may be getting some very clear indications that it's time to do so, and you may feel called to address your challenges in a different way than you ever have before. You may find yourself seeking out new teachers, new modalities and different ways of healing, especially if you have never explored the 'alternative' field.

With all of the change and letting go of old wounds, shadows and trauma for many of us, there at times may be a desire to hold on to the past or be especially focused on what has left. I encourage you this month, if you feel like you are more so in the space of grief and loss, to reframe this. Do your best to observe what remains. What feelings remain within your body? What can you now call into your life now that there is space? Can you see a clearer path forward now that some of the debris has dropped away? Or maybe all that remains at this point is the lesson (and they are necessary, as challenging as they are).

As we continue to let go and shift, we have to acknowledge that we are changing. As we shift in energy, in frequency, as our paths change and we are redirected, the people in our life will change as well. If others around us stay in the same energy and choose not to grow with us, they may drop away, but trust that new people will come into your life. People that support you on your path and are aligned with who you are and the way you see the world. But, if you are one who dislikes change, just be prepared.

For myself (and I know others that experience this too) there are often changes within my relationships and friendships every few years. As I have chosen a life of growth there have been few that continue to grow with me. It's rare that I ever intend for this to happen, but people fall away and new people come in as I grow or begin a new chapter of my life. While it may seem strange to some, I've just accepted that is part of my journey.

As we are continuing to move this month and the residual heaviness, make sure you make time for playfulness. Don't be afraid to put your blinders on at times without feeling guilty and be in play and joy and happiness - embrace your childlike wonder. Embrace movement, play in the leaves, do cartwheels or whatever lights you up. Fill your cup and consider both your human needs, your soul needs and the needs of your body. I've come to know them as very different things. For example, you may not eat chocolate because of ethical issues or because of the sugar content for instance, but sometimes it feels good and soothes your soul. Sometimes something nostalgic is so nourishing to your inner child. So try to step away from the 'shoulds' and step into what your deeper inner self is really calling for.

Reading for the Collective:

Who do we need to be this month?

The Pilgrim

Anyone going anywhere!? This card doesn't need to be about going to a new physical location, this can be about turning deeper inwards. You can take a pilgrimage to all of the places within your body and soul and get to know who you really are on a much deeper level. This can be about finding the sacred in potentially mundane moments or having a greater reverence for the aspects of ourselves that we typically close off or push away. So what parts of your life or yourself can you see with new eyes? Can you take the journey into your own heart and soul, potentially venturing a little deeper than what you had before?

What else do we need to know?

The Seven Star Sisters - Birthing Creations. Tapestry of Life. Expression.

This card, along with The Pilgrim makes me want to express that these are the sisters that are coming into our life as we start a new journey. These are the soul brothers and soul sisters that will support us on our path and help us create something new in our lives, but they may challenge us too. There is something very cosmic about these new connections, very etheric or other worldly. You may find that there is an immediate recognition of these people when they come in. You may feel like you have known them forever.

What is our Spirit Animal for this month?

The Unicorn

The Unicorn is here to remind us to let our freak flag fly. We are on a new journey, we are connecting with new people and the more we embrace our truth and what makes us unique, we will call in these new beginnings. We have moved through so many lessons and shadows, so can we embrace that we all have a story? Often the more you move through life challenges and heal different aspects of yourself over time, new parts of your personality begin to emerge without resistance. So, can you take off your masks? Can you let your true self be seen in all of your weirdness and still feel accepted? So, be the unicorn. Be weird. Find your people. Be the unicorn and become who you really, truly are.

As always, if you are in need of support through your shadows or need some direction in what is next for you, please reach out. I won't be able to book any in-person sessions until after the 16th of October.

Keep Holding the Light Dear Souls...

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