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September Energy Update

I feel like September gives us an opportunity for a fresh start. There are so many new beginnings available to us throughout the year, whether it be our traditional New Year, Chinese New Year, the Astrological New Year etc. And of course, September always feels like the end of summer and going back to school - there is that feeling of an ending to one session and the beginning of another.

I feel like August was intense for myself and a lot of others that I spoke to. We had a lot that was shifting and moving either internally or externally and it felt like we were navigating waves of grief, or anger or in some cases fatigue. Relationships have been in the hot seat too, whether it be new potential connections coming in, or relationships dissolving. Either way it may have felt like nothing could solidify in this energy. I don't feel like we are completely out of this energy quite yet, but it should settle.

A Reflection on my Lessons from August

August for me was a lot about deep acceptance of myself. A few months back a lot of unexpected trauma from my childhood came up, and instead of pushing against it, I had to embrace it and sit with the true severity and weight of what happened rather than diminishing it. As I began integrating these parts of myself and creating a deeper container of compassion for it, I was more able to move through it. It's when we judge ourselves for experiencing the negative emotions in the first place, that we create the most discomfort and friction.

Because I kept many of my past experiences and emotions contained, I learned that in a lot of ways I kept many parts of myself confined in a box. The parts of me that have been wired to be the people pleaser, the 'good girl', the helper and even the healer believed that I couldn't be certain things or let certain parts of my personality have freedom. For example, I had the opportunity to go to an event and go dancing, and my first question to myself the next day was, "Oh my gosh, was I too much?". I immediately felt like I should have been reigning myself in and not having so much fun. I had a limiting belief that my life couldn't be fun or joyous. I had to move through the blockages and embrace growth which can be incredibly uncomfortable.

What is September Bringing Our Way?

So it is our practice this month, if we so choose, to dig into our roots and our foundational practices that are going to stabilize us as we continue to move through our external and internal world shifts. It may be a challenge to find that harmony, but this month should provide the energy to find that emotional or physical stability we are looking for.

Life can become so much fuller if we can embrace ourselves as this AND that. We might have times where we are reaching outside our comfort zones and expanding, so the challenge is to also have the ability to bring ourselves back home. Over time, we may have to grow out roots or foundation to hold the expansion of our lives or emotional selves. Many of us didn't have the feeling of containment, safety or love in our lives so it can feel foreign when we try to create it for ourselves. So, have patience with yourself.

Tarot Guidance for the Month Ahead

The Hanged Man

So this was a bit unexpected but it makes sense. With all the shifting and recalibrating in August, it might feel like you're a little stuck or lost. It may feel like your old self or old world is behind you and what is coming for you ins't quite here yet. Stepping back, connecting to those grounding practices and being still, so you are rested and ready for when the next chapter opens for you.

Rest - Palatine Bone

This card shows an oyster shell holding a pearl, so this is indicating that yes, we do indeed need rest. Good things take time and it's important to be in stillness, integrate and discover that pearl of wisdom without rushing that process. You might be asking yourself, "What do I really want to do, or share?", "What is growing within me?".

Eight of Wands

Within the last two cards, there is that feeling of stuckness, a need to be still, and perhaps not knowing what's next despite so much internal or external change. Eight of wands is bringing very different energy to the table. It brings a catalyst for change. Wands are of the wood element and they are all aligned to ignite with a single strike. It can very quickly bring newness, new passion and new purpose. So the more you are going inwards, you can more deeply connect with this energy of focus and potential.

Spirit of Metal - Spiritual Harmony

We have gone through quite a cycle and upheaval over the past few months. We have been doing a lot of digging up and unrooting, but trust there is also that reciprocity. So consider what you are taking in or planting in its place. Often too, when I see the spirit cards, I always want to say that this process is divinely guided - there is a purpose to all of this. If you feel like you are still moving through this, allow the grief, the uncertainty and letting go to happen.

Overall, it feels like there is going to be a current of movement beneath the surface, so do your best to rest, ground and recharge while life continues to shift. If you are feeling the stuck energy, please trust that life will start moving for you. The more you can be in this process, pull back and do the inner work, you will have so much more clarity on your purpose for when it is truly time to take action.

Roots are really important, community is really important and any of those foundational practices that bring you back home.

If you are wanting more support and community, consider joining my Soul Medicine Membership. It beings you practices from yoga and movement, to meditation, journaling, and LIVE Readings and Distance Reiki Transmissions.

I wanted to create a space for Empaths and Sensitives to make themselves a priority, because it is in our nature to want to abandon ourselves and put everyone else first. It's so important that we have practices to feel, move and shift our energy and also a safe space to be seen, heard and understood.

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