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Inspiration from Isolation (While Sitting in my Jammies)

I knew this time in isolation was a gift in disguise. It was a much needed respite from the work I was doing and the life I was living.

From the outside, my life looked like it was running along smoothly. I was teaching at various studios and even began to pair down my classes because I had too many at certain points. I am grateful I've had the opportunity to make teaching my full-time career, but the truth is, I was unhappy.

I took the closing down of regular life as a time to exhale and discover my much needed next steps - honestly, despite the uncertainty and the fear surrounding the pandemic, it felt like a blessing to me.

For the last two years, I know I have needed to make changes, but being able to make them was a different story. My work kept me on a hamster wheel of running from class to class, feeling like I was giving so much but receiving so little in return (I have posted on Instagram previously about the financial realities many yoga instructors). The initial years of loving teaching so much I would do it for so little or even for free, no longer existed. Teaching used to leave me feeling excited, filled up and alive! The last few years, it hurt my heart. I was often brought to a combination of frustration and tears, knowing I was selling myself short, but didn't know how to make the changes I needed.

Isolation gave me time to sit, reflect and revel in doing nothing for a while. (Did anyone else experience those initial days of not getting out of your pajamas and watching Netflix, and reading books? Or was it just me!?)

Something beautiful happens in boredom and quiet moments - little sparks of inspiration. I like to think they are around us all the time, but often we are too busy to listen or pay attention.

I allowed myself to daydream, explore and recreate what I offer in the world. I've been able to discover what lights me up again!

>> I had days doing Readings & Reiki sessions via Zoom. I loved making new connections, and hearing clients feedback even days after.

>> I still connect with a core group of students for Zoom Yoga a few mornings a week - a whopping 3 in comparison to my typical 15! Most often we have a good chat before class begins!

>> I've discovered I can spend hours happily tinkering on my website! Early on, I helped another yoga instructor design and launch her website!

>> I still have an online journaling course hanging in the wings, ready to be launched. Writing and journaling are still my go-to tools that help me though difficult times. The best part was designing the journal ('cause I have to make things look pretty).

>> And finally, I have just created a brand new mentorship program. It fell into my lap unexpectedly, after having other teachers reach out to me asking for advice. I'm super excited to get started and help you thrive in this crazy changing industry!

I am excited, scared, and nervous about this new beginning, but strangely optimistic too!

I know and have learned the hard way many times in the past that ignoring my own intuition and my needs is a recipe for burnout and even depression.

I'm listening now and letting parts of myself (that perhaps you've never seen before) be seen, and sharing new offerings that may change how you think of me. I'm okay with that.

So, I may not be 'just' a yoga instructor anymore, but I'm excited about where I am heading in this new world.

I hope you will continue to join me on this journey.

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